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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tibbies to Moffat

Had a good night in Tibbies. Watched the forecast which said heavy thundery showers, great.
Offered a lift back to Moffat in the morning if we wanted it, so we said yes.
Had a good chat with the landlord about windfarms and with a geologist aboUt the local hills which was very interesting.
The morning was lovely, have they got the weather wrong? No! It started to rain and then it lashed! It didn't stop for 24 hours.
Mist down to around 200 metres. You would think it was november.

David, the secretary has been sacked. To many wines.


markswalkingblog said...

Alan, looks like the weather is going back to summer at the weekend. How long are you out for?

Mike Knipe said...

Shame about the weather - shudder gone to Wales where the rain is a bit warmer.
More backpacking plots are afoot... see your email!

AlanR said...

The weather is looking good for our trip home Saturday morning.

Shudder is the right word. We have now got webbed feet.

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