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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lightweight shoe

  Over the last year i have found a number of lightweight shoe’s that i thought would be of interest to readers  with an interest in backpacking.
The other day i was reading Gear Caster and they had found another pair which i hadn’t come across before.
So i take no credit for the post as i have also read about them on Light and Ultralight Backpackinging blog.

The shoes are from a Spanish company called 01M One Moment.

Shoes in packed condition. Ideal for the backpack.

Made from a natural 100% biodegradable plastic, The 01M barefoot shoe’s are made from an injection moulding technique that enables a 1mm thickness for the body and 2mm for the sole.

They have an anti slip sole which the companies description says provides a gecko like grip on slippery surfaces.
The company also says that the material does breath and therefore you don’t end up with a sweaty foot mess.
I contacted the company for information and the response was immediate. So that’s a good sign.

Weight wise, EU size 42, UK 8 weighs 160gr. The cost of the shoes is a fantastic €10.
The Company website is Here

Read more @
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Laura said...

They remind me of those swimming shoes you can buy for pebbly beaches.....

Anonymous said...

another interesting find!

AlanR said...

HI Laura,
Yes they are a bit. A lot of light shoes are fabric and not water resistant where these are. So walking across the grass to the loo or to get water will mean dry feet and easy wipe dry shoes.
I think 2012 will see a lot more light shoes on the market.

AlanR said...

Hi Robin,

Phreerunner said...

Well found, Alan. These save 90gm compared with the 'very breathable' Saucony Hattori running shoes you put us on to earlier this year and which I've been using since July. I suspect that the Hattoris have a better sole, and I will certainly be using them for backpacking on firm surfaces on hot days. Mind you, I manage to do that with Crocs....
What next?...

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
I picked these as a camp shoe. Something to put on at the end of the day when you may want a shower or just a wash in the burn. What i like about them apart from the 10 euro price is the fact that they don't get wet which adds weight.
You can wipe them dry, roll them up and stash them away.
It also doesn't break the bank if they don't last any great length of time.
In my opinion they are even better than the Zem shoes i posted about earlier.
What Next? Well there are quite a few minimalist shoes coming out like the Inov-8 barefeet and the Merrell barefoot but the prices for them are so expensive.

markswalkingblog said...

Another good find !

AlanR said...

Thanks Mark and Merry Christmas to you all.

Andrew W said...

Worth trying them out for 10 Euros, so I have ordered a pair to see how they get on.
IF they are as comfortable as crocks for bumming around camp (should I rephrase that?), then I shall be taking a pair on the Chally next May!

AlanR said...

Hi Andrew,
It will be good to hear what you think. I will be getting a pair when i get back from my trip to NZ. The thing with crocs is that they don't keep your feet dry and they take up quite a bit of space with them being unwieldy.

Alan Sloman said...

I think these sound like just the job!
I shall be ordering myself a pair too. Must check with Andy to see what colour he has ordered. We can't do a Howard & Hilda thing on the Challenge, can we?

AlanR said...

Lipstick red i think Al, it will match your eyes at the wine and cheese party (Allegedly).
Must be co-ordinated as Sheila tells me often.

Anonymous said...

are these shoes water resistant so you can wear them to the beach and the shoes do not suck in water and make it harder to move

AlanR said...

Pass. Don't know how they will react in water but i will find out soon and let you know.

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