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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Zealand awaits

  Well it doesn’t seem so long ago but it’s 18 months since we first started to plan our trip to New Zealand.
Many things have happened in between, some good and some not so.
The time seems to have passed so quickly because it is now time to depart.

  We are mainly going to be covering the North Island but we do want to visit Abel Tasman park on South Island that we missed last visit. We also want to walk in and around Marlborough Sound, Queen Charlotte Track and others in the surrounding area.

  We covered quite a lot of South Island on our last visit, that included a trip to Mitre Peak which is shown on the laptop pic below.
But to be honest we could spend a lifetime there and still only scratch the surface. What a beautiful country.

With the packing done all that’s left to do is print off the boarding passes.

Have a great New Year everybody and i will post entries as and when it is possible and of course read your exploits and gear reviews too.

All the very best for 2012.  Alan and Sheila.


Louise said...

Have a fabulous time!

selfpowered said...

cool trip - happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trip; happy new year. I know it won't be the highest priority but will you be blogging?

AlanR said...

Louise, Thanks. No doubt we will.

AlanR said...

Hi David,
No major peaks on the trip but lots of trails.

Happy New Year,
Yes we will be blogging depending on signal obviously as we will be off the beaten track at times.

Mike Knipe said...

Don't forget that the sun isn't in the South.....
Have a jolly hols anyway...

AlanR said...

Happy New Year Mike.
It's much much warmer in the south. 24 degrees in Auckland yesterday.
Were looking forward to a relaxing beer in the sun.

Laura said...

Sounds a very exciting trip - enjoy yourselves! Happy New Year to you both and I'm looking forward to hearing all the stories.....Take Care!

AlanR said...

Hi Laura,
Bonne Annee, to you and yours.
We will try our best with the stories.

-maria- said...

Alan & Sheila, enjoy your trip, and a happy new year to you!

Martin Rye said...

Alan have a great trip. Happy new year BTW.

AlanR said...

Maria and Martin,
Thanks peeps. HNY to you.

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