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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gone North for rain

This post has been written twice now. The internet keeps chucking out. Why is the internet so bad in rural UK!
There will be no photo's unfortunately because they take too long to load.

So here we are in Blair Atholl having gone North in search of rain. Yes rain.

Some readers will know that i have 2 new shell jackets for review and i needed a week of "weather" to finish off what has been a few months in the making.

Today we have been up Carn Liath, we had intended to do the next Munro too but my knee which i damaged in the Lammermuirs a few weeks ago had given way just before we left home and its still sore. So in order to get the most out of the week i need to rest it rather than over do it.

Its been a mixed day for sure. Sun, snow, rain and cloud. I'm now sat in the tent typing this and the heavens have just opened. I love being in a tent when it rains.

So Carn Liath, easy access from Blair Atholl and a good path all the way to the top and beyond.
Its our first Munro of the year. Its steep and unremitting but not difficult, just a slog.

What stunning views as well from the tops of the 3 Munro's in this group. with small pockets of snow still in the corries. Sorry about the pics but i will down load some when i get back home.

More tomorrow i hope.
I have managed to load 1 photo of us at the top of Carn Liath.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alan, did you start the walk from the little parking area adjacent to Locj Moraig? I hope you did...

My first Carn Liath experience involved, in my ignorance, starting the walk from the car park down in Old Blair and trudging all the way up the lane in sweltering heat. Obviously by the time I actually got on the hill low cloud and persistent rain had moved in.

If ever there was a hill that would benefit from a stalker's path.

AlanR said...

Yes we started from the Loch and then on what i think is an old drove road and then up the steep shoulder through the bog.

I would swop that walk from Old Blair for a decent internet connection though. Its so slow before you have connection the battery is almost dead. Oh joy.

afootinthehills said...

I remember these hills well Alan - lovely spring snow on the tops (April 1980) and the frightening experience of being caught in heather fires on our descent.

Enjoy your trip and I hope your knee improves - you have my sympathy in buckets.

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson,
Yes, not too far away from you i would guess. Great area with lots to do.

The knee is sore but i'm taking the tablets and the 40% proof so things improve during certain times of the day.

John J said...

Sorry to hear the knee's still playing up - although the rain will probably take your mind off it.....or vice-versa!
Getting Challenger reports of bad weather - I'm hoping things improve a little for when I arrive in Aviemore on Wednesday.
Keep up the good work...and say hello to Sheila!

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