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Monday, May 27, 2013

Two great pieces of customer service.

 Mammut Creon Lite 45 rucksack.
A few weeks ago whilst backpacking in the Lammermuir hills my Mammut Creon lite 45 rucksack developed a problem.

 There is a spring steel rod fitted quite securely to the frame to stop the rucksack from closing the gap between the sack and mesh.
This allows air flow to pass between the sack and the wearer. The rucksack works very well indeed.
However after 2 days walking the spring decided to migrate out at the bottom of the sack.
 Obviously this is not comfortable and can wear through what ever gear you happen to be wearing. I kept on re-fitting it but it wouldn’t stay in place for long. It was quite a time consuming affair and also not easy as a fair bit of strength is required to replace it.

 I had a good look at it when i got back home and re-fitted it again as best i could. Re-loading the sack it came out again.
 Being from an engineering background my first thoughts were to find a solution myself and i had a couple of ideas to try.
 But i also wondered if something had dropped off the sack, something that held the rod in place.

 I decided to take some photographs and send them to Mammut UK. Basically to see what they thought. After a couple of days they asked me to send back the sack.
Cutting short the numerous email sending between us, Mammut UK have replaced the sack.
The only difference is the colour. Where mine was Grey the new one is Grey and Red or Salsa and Iron in Mammut speak.

  It doesn’t seem that any clamp had fell off and so i cannot say at this moment that it won’t happen again but it’s still great customer service. Thanks to Mammut UK

Next. Carn Kaiteur boots.
 We now have 3 pairs of Carn Kaiteur boots.
Simply because of the success i have had with mine. Sheila decided to buy a pair at the incredible low price of £27.
 It seems that Carn are moving in the same direction as GoLite. Instead of going B2B (Business to business) they are changing to Internet B2C direct. (Business to customer). Stocks are dwindling very fast pending a new Autumn influx.
 After only 2 “walks” in them the rubber heel split.

 It all pointed to a manufacturing fault and i sent this photograph to Carn UK to ask if they would replace them under warranty.
The reply i received from them was brilliant and extremely sorry for the problem.
Carn had checked my name, found my original order with the size, found my address and by the time i had replied to their email a brand new pair of boots were on there way.
They arrived 11.00am next morning. Thanks to Carn UK.

2 great pieces of Customer Service.


markswalkingblog said...

Good to see such a positive response. Gear companies are pretty good in my experience at putting things right.

AlanR said...

Hi Mark,
I think you are right. Its great and appreciated to get good service. Competition is strong in the outdoor business so good reviews are priceless.

Gayle said...

I had a similar problem with my second Osprey Exos as you had with your Mammut. Like your experience, after a couple of days of use the bit of metal that holds the back space apart (a cross stay in this case, rather than a lengthways one) popped out. When I first battled it into place I thought I'd fixed it, but it soon became apparent that no matter how securely I thought I'd put it back, it would just pop out again. I concluded that it was just slightly out of tolerance and Osprey agreed. I had the replacement pack within a couple of days, delivered in a box so big that, when the courier knocked, I thought I'd accidentally ordered a new fridge!

AlanR said...

Hi Gayle,
That's it exactly.
My posty delivered this huge box and although i was expecting a rucksack delivery i never expected it to be in such a massive box.
I said to him, "whats that" and he said it can't be much its so light.
Hopefully the problem doesn't happen again. (I wish it had Osprey shoulder straps, that's my next improvement.

Unknown said...

Great post! I have been working in customer experience management for many years and it really is all about how you say things to customers. There is a huge difference between saying "sorry we can do that" and "I know how you feel, tell me exactly what happened". Diffusing the situation seems to be a lost art in today's customer service industry.

AlanR said...

Actions always speak louder than words. These two backed up there words and acted quickly without quibble. Spot on Customer service.

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