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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TGO Challenge 2013

 This post is to all challengers rather than individual comments on writers own blog pages.

I’m sure most sacks will now have been packed and those final bits scribbled on a sheet of paper to buy on route. Transport tickets located and safely put in a dry bag.

Now did you print off the right maps? It does help if they are not last years! Ha

 WE HOPE EVERYBODY, has a successful and rewarding crossing and the weather stays cool and dry. We hope for light winds and good visability. And of course a sun tan at the end.

 We look forward to reading about your experience in due course and of course how your gear, both new and old performed.
And lets not forget the camaraderie without which life would be a dull place.

 Bon Voyage.  
Alan and Sheila.


  1. Thank you! Almost sorted, off tomorrow...

  2. Thank you Alan and Sheila. Leaving tonight 23:50, seated, re third class!?

  3. Thanks Alan. I'm all packed and am catching the train in the morning. The weather at home is pretty yukky but I am sure everything will be sunny and bright Up North!


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