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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Therm-a-rest de-lamination

  I had a conversation this morning regarding sleeping mats and as it happened one of the jobs on my to-do list was sort and and clear some of the contents of my wardrobe that were hanging in there but rarely used. It’s where i store my/our numerous sleeping mats.
There are 7 mats in total and 2 of them are original Therm-a-rest. Made in Ireland serial number 0013729 and 30.
 I decided that i would inflate them and see how comfy/un-comfy they were against my Exped UL7,  as it has to be about 5 years since i used them.

 To my surprise the mat, as well as walls, must have ears, because i have also been discussing pillows for backpacking with a few fellow bloggers recently.
The ‘729 mat decided it would make it’s own pillow for me. It just creaked and bloomed as if summer had arrived into a lovely mat and pillow.

 Unfortunately i don’t think the de-lamination is complete and by morning i expect to have a 6” thick sofa bed!

 I wonder why mat designers don’t incorporate a separate tube section for use as a pillow or have a piece of material, like an open envelope that clothes could be stuffed into. You would think it obvious really. Instead we all find pillows a very hit and miss piece of kit.

 There is one solution here if you have a thin inflatable mat, but it doesn’t work on the thicker mats. I tried it.


Laura said...

I have a photo (and a mat) in similar state - mine's an Exped Down 7 - it exploded without warning while I was sleeping on it.....from now on I'm using something sturdier! And don't get me started on the pillow thing.............

AlanR said...

OH dear an Exped down 7! I hope you have emailed them.
No pillow then Laura. Shame.

Laura said...

I'm about to send it off for scrutiny - I've only ever used it on our camper van bed....very glad I hadn't decided to carry it next week....still thinking about the pillow problem!

AlanR said...

My UL7 has been superb.

Wish i had the answer to the pillow problem but one persons solution doesn’t suit everyone. 45 years of camping and i still havn’t solved it properly.

-maria- said...

That looks interesting. I wonder if it's the age or the number of nights you sleep on a mat that is crucial. I think I believe it's more a matter of the age of a mat...?

This somehow reminds me of the discussion we had concerning the soles of boots falling apart.

AlanR said...

I'm not sure. Its getting on a bit in years but its been well looked after. The second one is fine and its the same age and has been used for the same amount of time.
It must be a Monday morning or last thing Friday manufacture.

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