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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A secret weekend Pt 3.

I had no plan to do a part 3 to our weekend. It wasn’t until arriving back home and walking through Manchester that i decided i would do a pt.3.

So why have i done it.

Well click on this link and have a look at the photographs i took just walking around the town of Chester. They are not altered images in any way and were not taken to emphasise the point of this post.

What didn’t hit me full in the face until walking back home was how spotless Chester was. There was no litter, no overflowing bins, no overpoweringly smelly back streets. No fast food bags lying on street corners, no pizza boxes and fish and chip trays left on steps or walls or grass verges, no cans smashed on top of spiked railings. No office detritus pilled up in the road.
I could go on.

Walking back through Manchester from Piccadilly to Shudehill bus station i was ashamed to say this is my City. It was an absolute tip. The areas where visitors to our City would get their first impressions were a smelly littered disgrace and the walk in between was no better.

I could expand further but i’m sure you get the picture.

Manchester council need to send somebody to Chester and have a walk round with a member of their waste management team. Come back and implement how they control it. Because at the moment i think Manchester have become blasé and are now a blinkered lot. And please don’t tell it is just lack of money because Cheshire and Chester are in the same boat as Manchester. And they don’t have Arab Millions being spent in the town which must be saving the council a fortune.

I apologise to visitors who no doubt will be shocked at the mess and can only hope it improves quickly.
Just an example. Outside one of the most visited places. Printworks.

Cross roads of Cross St and Market St.
Just off Lincoln Sq.
 Well St. at the side of the Printworks. (Taken with Sheila’s phone.)
And on the bus going home.


John J said...

I agree absolutely - but who to call to account? Is it the residents who are responsible for much of the littering? Do the residents of Chester dump their litter as much as the Mancunians? Or do Cheshire County Council just clean up more than Manchester?
I really don't know - but I share your embarrassment and annoyance.
I need a beer to calm my nerves...

AlanR said...

We are all guilty JJ. No city has perfect people but the issue is, They need to handle the responsibility of cleaning up the city better. If Chester can do it, it proves it can be done. Manchester councils are supposed to have not spent 40 million of the budget. Maybe some of that could put it right. Now the beers gone up 20p in the Ape and Apple as well.

Phreerunner said...

The tractor looked spotless, if rather grey for my liking. I hope you didn't leave your Mars bar wrapper in the exhaust pipe.
(Haha, I think I need to get out more!)

AlanR said...

It was a bit too spotless. But a grey Fergy is, well, a grey Fergy after all. Yes you need to get out more. ha.

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