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Friday, September 20, 2013

Beautiful Greek day

We did a 4 hour walk in high temperatures of 30c. It was a stunning day and scenery beautiful. We were pleased to reach the sea for the cooler breeze. We were lucky enough to see the loggerhead turtles.2 off them close up in the harbour. We are informed that there are 7 regular visitors. It was good to see the old water wheel restored at Katavothres and the restaurant open again. It had been run down and closed for years.
The old internet has been a bit hit and miss and would only allow 1 image to upload which is a bit of a pain.
Last evening we had the most splendid sunset. Even our Greek friends wanted a copy of the photo as it was good. (That's the sunset not particularly the photo).
I will try and upload it as a separate post next.
The island of Kefallonia is struggling with the economic measures taken by the government. Many hotels are closed and look quite sad. The ones that have survived seem to be doing ok.
We are off to look at the archaeological and earthquake museum in Argostoli now. So that's it for now.

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