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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Occassional greek tractors

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  1. A Golooni tractor eh? Trust you two to find that one!
    It seems your weather is marginally better that the cold, wind & rain that Timperley is enduring at the moment.
    Hope the holiday's going well!

  2. Nice play on words JJ. Its Goldoni but not that you can tell. Not many tractors here. I have some additional impliments to post though. If i can get the B..Y internet working.
    Weather ok today. Crap journey though.

  3. Geek Tractor, don't you mean!? Very nice too.
    Have just caught up with you...nice Greek trip, etc...
    surprised you couldn't get cheap ink for your Canon - I've found it from Amazon and ebay, and Cartridge World in Alty is happy to refill the old cartridges for a modest price.

    1. It was the only one i saw. I did see a rotavator and a pick axe but didn't think they counted.
      I'm going back a few years with the Canon. I din't find any genuine cheap inks but i did find a place that did refills but it wasn't very good. Then when Kodak brought out the "Cheap" inks machine i just thought, go for it.


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