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Monday, September 30, 2013

Lifeventure daysack review

When we go on holiday we use the same principles for packing our bags as we do for hiking.

So we weigh everything, don't take items which can be sourced locally, don't take towels or hair driers, don't take items which are "Just in case" and make sure that in total the bags weigh less than 5kilo's so that we can take them into the plane as hand luggage.

This years trip to Greece was only for one week and Sheila's bag which believe it or not included 7 dresses weighed 3.8kg and mine which didn't included 7 dresses weighed 4.8kg. Has she sneaked something into my bag i wondered.

Anyway this lightweight philosophy is definitely the way to travel. So when i received an email in Greece from Rachel at Siverfox Travel Outdoors,  asking me if i would like to review a rucksack or any other product i immediately wondered if i could get an even lighter sack than our current OMM sack.

Upon arrival home i studied the website and was stuck for choice. A couple of sleeping bags and numerous backpacking sacks caught my eye as well as a lightweight stove and a number of other items.
Considering that i had kindly been offered to choose anything from the site i was definitely in 2 minds what to choose.

I eventually stuck to my plan to look for a lighter travel pack which would double for a daypack too.
I chose the Lifeventure black packable 18L daysack.

{Lifeventure packable daysack}

The pack weight is specified as 325gr and so it was good to see that my sack was actually 320gr. That's a 230gr saving over my OMM sack.

 The Lifeventure sack is 18 litres in size and is made from black ripstop nylon. When you receive it, it is in it's neat stow away guise which includes a carry handle and a mesh zipped pocket and behind it an open sleeve.

 Unzipping the pouch and turning inside out, reveals the day sack and the pouch then becomes the front pocket of the sack. Complete with secure mesh pocket and behind that an open sleeve. Just below the main compartment zip there is also a separate zipped pocket which has 2 expanding gussets.

 Each side has a handy mesh pocket that suits 500ml water bottles  and also a compression strap.
 The back of the sack is unpadded. The unshaped shoulder straps are heavy duty mesh with adjusters and also have a small pocket on each strap that have elasticated closures. Suitable for items like glasses, keys, sweets, small change etc but not big enough for phones or GPS.
The main compartment zips approximately 180 degrees and the inside is coated with a waterproofer. It doesn't have a separate compartment for hydration bladder.
All the zippers are YKK.

I have found it a comfy carry and the shoulder straps are far enough apart not to chaff your neck. This can sometimes be a problem with small sacks but not with this one. I found the straps had a tendency to slip off the shoulder especially when i was wearing a smooth outer jacket but less so when wearing just a fleece. I will resolve this by adding an elasticated chest strap. 

The sack does not have a hip belt and it doesn't need one. The shoulder straps are adequate at restricting movement.

It's an ideal sack to take with you on longer trips. With it being light and packable it's easily stowed in a larger backpack. Also just an ideal size and weight for quick trips to the shops.
Sheila has already decided it will be ideal for her gym gear. So it looks like i have lost it already.
I will have to buy another one. It costs £19.99
I wish it had a key clip in one of the secure pockets. I will add one.


Unknown said...

i also have the same bag
i find it great for travel if i feel like a hike while away or just for shopping

AlanR said...

Thanks for your comment. I find it still an ideal companion. It’s all I take on foreign holidays now.

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