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Monday, April 18, 2011

Moffat to Peebles or (Morefat to Peebellies)

Great trip,
Thanks ever so much Mike, Judith, Laura and Louise for making the walk such a fantastic trip. The weather helped of course, but the company was excellent..
More to follow..


Mike Knipe said...

Grand trip, Alan- as you say good company and good fun - I'm looking forward to the blog reports. And we all managed the M74 without falling asleep....

Tony Bennett said...

Great looking wild camp. I was there is spirit. Whether I'll be at Strathcrron on 12'th May is another matter :(

Did he share the pies this time?

AlanR said...

It was a grand trip Mike, thoroughly enjoyed it. Judith and i went for pie and chips in the cafe in Moffat but they didn’t do either, so settled for alternatives.

Shame you didn’t make it. It was one of those rare occasions where we couldn’t have chosen any better weather and views.
Hope you are ok for the TGO.

Pies? What pies?

Greg said...

How did the meths stove get on?

AlanR said...

Hi Greg,
My meths stove worked very well. As good as i had hoped. Boiling 500ml of water in around 6 minutes with 25cl of fuel.
Throughout the trip the weather was superb and the winds were light and not gusting.
In my opinion i would use it throughout the summer but for the other times or when i knew conditions would be poor, or if i wanted to cook in the tent porch, i would use my Primus Express spider.
Thanks for your comment.

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