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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moffat to Peebles packing

This weekend will see a small group daunder from Moffat to Peebles in the Scottish Borders. The intention of this walk apart from the views hopefully, is for those who are doing the TGO challenge to gain some fitness prior to the off.
I am not one of those doing the TGO but i do need the fitness, so i thank Mike Knipe for the invite.

So today is packing day. I am trying to find all the gear that has been moved around the house, shed, loft etc over the winter months. I know it’s going to take longer than usual and it will include packing and repacking at least 6 times.

On this walk i will be appraising the Tarptent Moment tent from Henry Shires.
The Helvellyn fleece that has kindly been sent to me for a review by Millets.
And one of my home made beer bottle stoves.
And a pair of over mitts from Outdoor Designs.

Better get on with the packing.


afootinthehills said...

I expect you'll be on the Challenge soon Alan! Have an enjoyable 'daunder'.

Phreerunner said...

Have a great time Alan, and say 'hello' to the crew. I'll think of you whilst we are 'lording it' in Borrowdale, and next week when I'm struggling over countless Lakeland peaks with 'Poor Michael'.
Better get packing - the tent hasn't been out since Peebles to Moffat!

-maria- said...

Have a great weekend, Alan! I'm planning to get the Vaude Odyssee out for one night during the Easter holidays, and I've already started collecting all the gear I think I need (although my brain says I don't need that much for just an overnighter!).

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson,
I have done many trips similar to the TGO but Sheila hasn’t and it’s quite a phycological step up for her. I don’t want to push her into it. There’s nothing worse than failure.
When/if, she ever fancies doing it i will be ready.

Thanks, will do. Sorry you are not doing it this time but you can’t do everything even though you try damned hard.
Have a great weekend Lording and be kind to Michael. We look forward to the posting later.

Hi Maria,
Thats great. Hope you have good weather and enjoy it. Can’t wait to read you thoughts.

Laura said...

Glad someone else is struggling with the packing too - I was trying to take a bit less than I will on the Challenge but it's not working out that way at all - see you in Peebles!

AlanR said...

Hi Laura,
Yes its my first backpack of this year. Cannot believe its April already. I will be putting stuff in the boot of the car and deciding what combinations to take at the last minute. I am taking more than i need but i want to try stuff out.
Look forward to seeing you there.

Mike Knipe said...

When is this again?

AlanR said...

So its not called a daunder its called an again! Nice name.

Louise said...

I'm on packing attempt #3 and getting truely hacked off. Wouldn't mind, but it's all been in there before, I know it fits, it's just_not_playing_ball!
See you there!
(So long as I don't throw it all out of the window along with teddy and dummy...)

Mike Knipe said...

My pack weighs 10kg..... This is with heavy puddings (not a euphemism- its chocolate sponge....)
and 50 cl of scotch....

Martin Rye said...

Only 50 cl of scotch Mike???? You're worrying us. Alan have a great trip.

AlanR said...

Sounds daunting. Only 50cl’s What are you going to drink Mike.
Louise, it will be nice to meet you. See you there.
Martin, Hope you have fully recovered.

Martin Rye said...

Doing well Alan and hopefully back on the Cumbria Way soon.

AlanR said...

Good to hear Martin.

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