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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Singapore Airlines relegated

We flew to New Zealand with Singapore Airlines because having been with them before we regarded them highly.
It's a journey of two halves. The flight from Manchester via Munich to Singapore was fantastic with great attendees. We wanted for nothing, in fact it was too much at times.
Having landed at Changi airport, we found out that we were late and our connecting flight to Auckland was on last call and was leaving from 10 ports away.
A mad dash to the desk was not taken happily and we din't even have chance to go to the loo.
As soon as we were on the plane was away.
We then had 11.5 hours of the worst attendees ever. It was so bad as to be almost non existent.
Apart from when the meal was brought round we were not offered a drink and the attendants were rarely seen.
We eventually got up and went to the galley and asked for a drink. She brought one and not three.
The water that we brought with us had been thrown away at desk check in by security even though we had not been outside passport control. What's that all about, we had nothing to drink.
Towards the end of this nightmare journey the captain announced that with it being almost midnight on New Years eve that there will be Champagne distributed.
When it got to cattle class people, there was non left. We were offered apple juice or orange. What a laugh.
 So Singapore has gone down hill in our estimation.

 At the airport departure was swift as we had no hold luggage and we were straight through without a hitch.
Sheila's sister who lives in Australia had arranged a limo to pick us up and take us into the city. How kind of her was that.
Auckland was being lashed by heavy rain on our journey and thankfully the apartment at Quay West had a fully stocked fridge. We emptied it over the next 3 hours. Well it had to be done.

We watched the fireworks over the city and went to bed at 3.30am.  31 hours flying time and it might be the last long haul trip we make. I don't think i can stand all the screaming children ever again and the lack of service.
It would be nice to do business class but at £13,000 for the 3 of us, it's impossible.

Sorry no pics at this time. More later. Happy New Year each.


Anonymous said...

Alan, sorry to hear you had a bad journey, not been my experience of Singapore Airlines. Hopefully a one off. Still you will be able to relax and I hope you have a wonderful time. I look forward to your posts on your "tramping" around NZ.

Happy New Year.

AlanR said...

Hi Mark,
It usually is good service from S.A.
Hopefully it will be better on the return journey and hopefully when we get to Munich that they don't make us all get off the plane for 40 minutes again like they did coming.

Aushiker said...

Sorry to hear of your bad experience with Singapore Airlines. I do hope you take the time to actually write a letter to the CEO explaining what occurred. I am sure that they will appreciate the feedback and at least have a chance to respond if not apologise or better for it.


AlanR said...

Hi Andrew,
Yes Sheila is going to email when we get back home. We have never had a minutes problem in the passed. It doesn't bode well for the return trip. But here's hoping.

-maria- said...

Flying (not being able to move around properly for hours) is not my favourite anyway, and inferior service like you had makes it even worse. Hope your flight back is more enjoyable!

AlanR said...

Hi Maria,
Long Haul in the cheap seats is not great at the best of times but when you are surrounded by screaming children, poor service and aching bones it's no joke. It will probably be my last long haul trip.

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