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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Local Bimble

  The need to get outdoors was quite great today even though it wasn’t the nicest of days. Fine saturating rain was falling for most of the time but it was quite warm, which meant that it was very humid within the confines of the waterproofs.
  I didn’t want to get too far from home just in case i had to call it a day early after my recent hospital trip but things seem to be settling down apart from a little bit of pulling now and then.
 There are lots of local footpaths in my area and also we have the Rochdale Canal and Tandle Hill Park on our doorsteps so it’s easy to get a walk straight from the front door.
 Setting off along the canal towpath towards Chadderton is always pleasant and Dorothy took some bread to feed the geese, Mallard and others that join in the frenzy.
 The Rain has eased off for a few minutes.

 A group of some rather colourful snails
 Mr and Mrs Mallard
 A very large bunny
 Passed by equines
 Some dozy cows
 Timid pigs
Spring lambs with mum

Rain started getting heavier as we passed some bovines changing fields for sweeter grass.
 Into the park the leaves are slow to bud on the Beech Trees

 But the Hawthorn is out
We overtook these ramblers who must have thought that we were part of the group and they decided to follow us over a stile and through the next field and through a farm before somebody realised that they were going the wrong way. They headed off back. Where was Reg today! 
You get talking and not looking and suddenly you think now where am i? Easy done.

Like i said at the start it was just a short bimble but enjoyable all the same and i didn’t have to dash home.


-maria- said...

You seem to on the mend! That's good news, Alan.

I'm looking forward to some rain as I bought a new waterproof jacket I'd like to test, but all we seem to be having is this lovely sunshine... ;-)

Phreerunner said...

Well done Alan, I'm pleased to see you are recovering a bit better than Stef!

AlanR said...

Hi Maria,
Time is a healer as the saying goes. I have a bossy nurse as well.

You could definitely use your new waterproof here. We had a glorious week and a half a couple of weeks ago but now it's back to grey and wet although it's not cold.
We look forward to reading your review to come on the jacket.

AlanR said...

hi Martin,
I presume you are back North.
Well it's been 18 days since i was in doc and i thought i would be right as rain in about 10 days. Not so. It takes as long as it takes. There is still a bit of discomfort but that's about it. I am not supposed to exercise for 3 weeks so i am just starting getting out and about.
I hope Stef is on the mend, it can be awfully depressing.

Andrew W said...

I see from your photo's Alan that you were going at a snails pace sorry, had to be said :}.

The problem with recovery is that the older you get the longer it takes, but your brain is not always willing to wait. I own that T Shirt.

I did a rather muddy bike ride today.
It was not pleasant, but good acclimatisation for being wet and miserable.

Good that you are getting out and about though.

Phreerunner said...

If it's any comfort, Andrew, today was definitely not the day for a bike ride up here. Instead, I walked to the pub along a very puddly towpath - ascent = 0 metres, distance = 13 km, very muddy mountain bikers = 3, other people out and about = very few!
Martin (now back North)

Andrew W said...

I purposely chose a muddy route to make it harder work.
I now have to wash my waterprrof again, because it is 50% mud. A pint sounds good, I am still crucng=hing on the odd bit of gritty mud that flew up into my mouth.

It's character building :)

AlanR said...

I take it you didn't shell out for that joke Andrew.

I get very impatient with myself and it was good to be out today. Thanks. Hope you have dried out a bit now.

Mike Knipe said...

Progress! Not sure I like the sound of a bit of "pulling", though... brrrr....

Andrew W said...

Snail jokes.
We could end up spiralling down a slippery trail.....

I'll get my coat :)

AlanR said...

Yes i agree.

AlanR said...

Imagine having a skin tag in the wrong place and it keeps catching on your clothes. Well thats similar to how it feels, without getting gruesome.

BG! said...

Am I the only one thinking "Get yer coat, you've pulled!"?


Looks like you had a pleasant return to the great outdoors. Well done, Sir.

AlanR said...

I think so Stef.

It was a tentative step and not too fast. I am certainly not out of the woodwork yet. Back to the consultants this evening for a check up. I'm know where near 100% yet and to be honest i'm not sure i ever will be.

Stuart said...

Hi Alan,you need to brush up on your botany ,the bush is or certainly not Hawthorn ,more like Crab Apple.

Stuart said...

There recently was a survey on banded snails,the numbers of dark lipped and white lipped types.I have yet to see a white lipped one .Must get out more.

AlanR said...

Stuart you are the only one to spot the deliberate mistake.
No just kidding. Thanks for that.

Yes you must get out more. Even if at a snails pace.

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