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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One for Gibson and Lynne.

  A few weeks ago fellow blogger Gibson mentioned that he was struggling at his local supermarket to procure some of Britain’s finest ale.
And as it happened, last week i was in a certain establishment in Manchester that was overwhelmed with his favourite potion.
So just to wish him and Lynne a very pleasant impending crossing of Scotland West to East, starting from Oban, we thought we would try the tipple and toast their success.
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Have a good crossing and we hope the weather is kind.
I take it that the bags are now packed, maps sorted, waterproofs waterproofed etc.

 It looks like my outdoor trips can start again after a visit to the consultant last night. He said that although some pain can last 3 months or thereabouts it is ok to resume normal life. I don’t have to go back and see him now for 3 months so where did i put my maps!


afootinthehills said...

You are both so very kind (except for showing me all that Holts!) We are pretty well ready - thanks to Lynne really - although we have a couple of parcels to deliver in the next few days. I hope the weather is better than it has been lately but it is Scotland so we'll just take what we get. I'll post when a signal allows but will try not to ramble on!

Glad to hear that you can get out walking again - great news.

Thanks again for your best wishes Alan and Sheila - and for toasting our success. I'll toast it when we're finished!

AlanR said...

I keep saying the weather can only get better. Lets hope it does soon.
Looking forward to reading your ramble about your rambles.
Have a good time.

Andrew W said...

Ah always good to be told you can head out officially.

We may have a beer tomorrow night at the ODG in Langdale.
Then it is off to the hills for Fri and Sat.
Mind you, the weather forecast is so crap, we might just spend 48 hours in the ODG.

AlanR said...

Ah The ODG. Lovely pint of Yates Bitter. You probably know already but expect some flooding on Langdale campsite. Pick a high spot if poss. Enjoy the w/end.

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