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Monday, July 16, 2012

Super Delios water filter - Update.

Today i had an email from Delios Uk with an apology for the lack of information recently.

Basically manufacturing is still suffering from the earthquake and the following Tsunami.

Rebuilding production is still behind schedule and it will be on a much smaller scale than previously.
But the good news is that a bulk order may be achievable but no date is promised for that dispatch.

Delios have asked that we remain patient as they work on getting supply back to the UK. They want to pass on to readers that Delios is still alive but just need more time to accept orders. Therefore the website will remain off line for now.

More information will be passed on from Delios as and when it becomes available.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, good to know. I've not had any replies. Was thinking about getting a Sawyer system. Might wait now.

AlanR said...

It’s good to know that movement is in the right direction. Lets hope it’s not too long to wait.
The Sawyer system is similar, i had a look at it last year. I still prefer the Delios but if i needed one right now that’s what i would go for.

Alan Sloman said...

Thanks for that, Alan. This is my "Go to" blog for sensible lightweight gear talk.

AlanR said...

Thanks Alan, your comments are always appreciated and if my scribblings are found to be sensible then even better.

markswalkingblog said...

Thanks for the update. I will wait for more news from you and get one when they are available.

AlanR said...

As soon as i hear anything Mark, it will be blogged.

selfpowered said...

thanks for keeping us up to date Alan. Its a good product, looking fwd to buying a new filter/head for mine when the time comes.

Andrew W said...

That is excellent news.
I am lucky enough to have one, and it is excellent, but
I could really do with another now.
I reckon I am ok for another year, so maybe I will be lucky and they will have it resolved by then.

Jolly Green Giant said...

This is an outstanding filter and I'm disappointed they don't have a more geographically diverse manufacturing option. Consequently, I'm not sure if I'd want the filter or any product made in Japan which arguably may have trace radioactive elements. I'm goofy looking enough and don't want to add a third eye to my forehead.

AlanR said...

No problems David.

AlanR said...

I hope so Andrew. And i hope they have improved the bottle too.

AlanR said...

I know that they were trying hard just prior to the Tsunami to move or spread production to another part of asia but had problems with cleanliness std's. At this moment i am not sure where the new production facility is.

I really don’t think you will have anything to worry about regarding radioactive elements knowing how quality works in Japan.

It could be quite a money spinner having a third eye though. I would like one in the back of my head so i could see where the water was dripping in my shell hood. Lol

afootinthehills said...

I bought the Travel Tap which is good but because the filter is at the bottom of the bottle you can't easily transfer the contents to another container. Turning upside down means the water isn't filtered. My old Aquagear has the filter at the top which is much more sensible.

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson,
I found the Travel tap was hard work getting the water filtered. I'll not forget Louise's efforts at endevouring to apply enough pressure to get the water out. That's Louise from Louis's big adventure blog. So funny.

Andrew W said...

I didn't use the bottle.
Too small.

It fits nicely on a 1 or 2 litre platypus.
It also actually fits on an Irn Bru bottle or equivalent.

Best to wait until they are filled with water though :)

AlanR said...

Yes i use both the original and the 1L to filter into the 2L.
Unless its whisky of course and then i let the body filter it.

afootinthehills said...

Hi Alan - dead right it's hard work.

AlanR said...

My Travel tap filter sheared off, so after a bit of time discussing with the retailer, i eventually bought the Delios. I am so pleased it sheared off now or i might not have found this one. It’s so much better. I just hope they can get a supply here before too long.

-maria- said...

Good to have an update, Alan - I've been trying to follow their production on internet and it has looked like almost dead. I'm happy to hear they are still working on it, and will probably buy a second one as soon as they become available. The new, improved bottle sounds promising.

AlanR said...

Hi Maria, Yes it's good news if it happens soon. I hope they go with a new bottle but with all the expense of setting up new facilities they may start off with the old bottle to save money on start up costs. We will have to see.

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