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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Todmorden to Littleborough.

  Sheila couldn’t get the day off to walk with us from Todmorden to Smithy Bridge that we did last week. Having had a look at the photo’s on what was a miserable wet day she decided that we would have to do it again because she said so!
  So i had to walk it again on a delightful sunny day.

  I have taken just a few more photo’s. Which are here.

  No need for any more words on this one other than to say we cut short the last 10 minutes and got the train back home from Littleborough and not Smithy Bridge as we would have had to wait another hour.
And after praising the Wheatsheaf on the last post, i take it back and suggest not to bother at weekend as the language and shouting was beyond tolerance.


Andrew W said...

Cracking walk and set of photo's that.
I do like river walks, especially with a bit of industrial heritage.
Fascinating stuff.

Trouble is people keep blogging these walks that I now want to go and do, and I live too bloody far away.

I feel another holiday coming on. :)

AlanR said...

Thanks Andrew, very kind.
They make for good walks when the weather is lousy. But this stretch is a delight so i didn’t mind re-doing it with the sun out.

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