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Friday, August 31, 2012

Gairloch Thursday.

 A bright morning with clear views of the hills. Sheila and I decided to go for a run and just as we set off it started to rain. Fortunately it was just a short shower. We ran from Gairloch to the turn off to Big Sands and back which is roughly 9km of undulations. My Achilles tendon was playing up and although i finished the run it's a bit painful now.

 Back at base and showered the day was indeed getting hotter. The weather here changes hour to hour as well as day by day. We decided to go and have a look at the area south of Gairloch bay. To Port Henderson and Red Point.

 Just passing the Sheildaig Hotel we spotted the most herons ever seen in one place. It was a strange sight, we counted  20 of them and they were equally spaced along the shoreline just like match anglers.
 The car park used by walkers going to Fairy Lochs was packed. Obviously taking the opportunity of the good weather today.

 As we rounded the headland at Port Henderson the views were amazing. We could see the Outer Hebrides clearly and Skye was so close you could almost touch it. Blaven and the Coulin ridge was magnificent, looking better than i have ever seen it before.

 Getting to Red Point, there were plenty of people about but the car park wasn't full. We had a walk about along the edge taking photo's. The light here on a day like this, just wonderful.

On the drive back to Gairloch we stopped for a coffee at a lovely off road spot with terrific views of Baosbheinn and Beinn an Eoin beyond. The south end of Baosbheinn looked extremely difficult. The whole view south looking at the Torridon range, Beinn Alligin  and Sgurr Mhor again magnificent

 Martin you are right, we should have done at least one of those tops but there are 3 of us and it's not particularly a walking holiday. More a holiday with some walking. We will be back here to do them soon i hope.

 We called in to the Community Hall where a sale of outdoor gear was being held but nothing took my fancy.

 The sun going down in a clear sky sparkled on a calm sea as we made our way to the Melvaig Inn for our evening meal. We hadn't booked a table, just took a chance. We were lucky, after us they turned everyone away. Louise you kept this a secret. Without doubt this was the best meal we had all week.
Whitebait, Scallops, Lemon Sole, fresh bread, butter and garlic sauce. Apple crumble with cream, custard or ice cream. Cask beers. And a reasonable price too.

 Back at base we sat in the garden, hopeful that we might see a shooting star. We didn't but never mind it was a lovely night.
Hope tomorrow is as nice as today.


Louise said...

Ah, The Melgarve Inn. Used to be Mustn't Grumble. It's changed hands a couple of times since we've been staying in the area and can be a bit hit and miss, hence being loathe to recommend it! Glad you found it on a good day. The views from there are stunning, but they are wherever you turn!!

Unknown said...

Dear Alan,

I was just wondering if you would be interested in reviewing an item of our kit. We have a range of outdoor attire at wholesale prices that we believe not only are great value but great quality too. To see the range please go to if this would be something you would be interested in please drop me a line at

Hope today was as lovely as yesterday sounds!

Thanks for your time


AlanR said...

It's all change there Louise. Yes your right it has changed name. Everything was brilliant, Food, beer, chef, staff were fantastic, jovial and welcoming. May be open through the winter coming, on certain days.

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