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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gairloch - Tuesday.

We expected bad weather yesterday (Monday), but it wasn't too bad. A bit different today, its rough. Not fit to go high as rain sweeps in enclosing the high mountains.
 We decided that a coastal visit would be the best bet and drove on to Poolewe. Just as you descend into Poolewe from Gairloch there is a fabulous view down Loch Maree from the footpath on the south side, heading east.
 It went black, it rained, it hammered down. We sat in the car and watched people heading back onto the campsite wearing dripping wet jeans. Jeans!
 The signs were out for a local market in the village hall so we ran to the entrance along with plenty of others. It was a good decision as we bought quite a few items. We had a pleasant hour in there looking over the new and old photographs, bric a brac,  books, bread, cakes etc, etc. Chatting to a local photographer who's house was close to where we are staying.

 Still raining, we had a drive past the Poolewe Hotel along the single track road up to the beach at Mellangaum. A wide expanse of sand, windswept. I took the camera and tripod but the sand was too soft to hold the camera level and the wind was whipping up the sand and throwing it in our faces. Not many people about, just four others doing the same as us three.

 The camp ground there is very cheap although there are no facilities as far as we could see, but i admit that due to the adverse weather we didn't check it out. I have to presume that there is a toilet and a water hose somewhere. Cost £2 per day or £10 per week.
 We checked out the second world war remnants, a gun placement and observatory i believe, although there is not much remaining.

 Being a poor day weather wise, we drove back beyond Gairloch and turned along the south side of the Loch. We didn't go beyond Badachro as the pub was open and it would have been rude not to call in.
 Sheila volunteered to drive, so i had 2 pints of Beinn Dearg from the Ullapool brewery. Pricy! £3.60 a pint. I didn't know whether to drink it or take it home for posterity. I did drink it and persuaded myself that, "Well we are on holiday".

 Lets hope for a better day tomorrow so we can do a hill walk.


Louise said...

There tends to be a lot of 'scottish weather' up there, but there's still plenty to do. Did I mention the Gairloch museum? And the drive up to the lighthouse is fun, fab views and good chance of white tailed sea eagles. Can you tell I quite like it round Gairloch? Enjoy!

John J said...

£3.60 a pint?!
I had a pint of Sam Smith's t'other day and was disgusted to have to pay £1.60 a pint....and I thought Sam Smith's was supposed to be cheap!
Still here! Joe Holt's is more expensive these days too, nearly £2.00 a pint...nothing's going to change, eh?

AlanR said...

Hi Louise, Yes you mentioned the Museum. We will save that for the next bad day. Probably Friday. Done the butchers, sweets, market. Outdoor gear sale in the hall.
Been up to lighthouse. Going to Red Point tomorrow.

AlanR said...

Hi JJ,
Yes £3.60p for 1 pint! I still havn't recovered from the shock. I had to have 2 pints just to make sure i had heard right for the first one.
Sam Smith's at £1.60! Better than John Smiths if it was only £0.10p.
Yes Holts has been going up. £2.29p in the Ape and Apple. But i don't mind paying £2.29 for a class act. There's just nothing better than a Holts best bitter.
I won't be paying £3.60 again though that's for sure.

Phreerunner said...

Alan, think yourself lucky, we spent €5 each on cups of coffee at the Refuge du Col de Sarenne a couple of weeks ago. I bet it wasn't as thirst quenching as your 'Beinn Dearg'!

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