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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Onwards and Upwards to Gairloch

 When we booked this trip we completely forgot it was bank holiday and we had a fair old drive to get to Gairloch, high up on Scotlands west coast.
 Sheila spent many an hour trying to find overnight accommodation on route for just in case the traffic was bad. She finally found a place just outside Inverness.

 We 3, Sheila, Dorothy and I set off quite early Friday morning hopeful that we could get a head start on the traffic, predicted to be busy. So it was a pleasant surprise that we made good progress and to be honest the traffic was reasonable. Well reasonable until we got close to Perth. Then it started to rain with a big "R". So heavy we could hardly see the road.

 Plenty of signs littered the roadside advertising some big horsy doo at a posh castle on the A9 road. What with the rain, the horse box's the 100's of Harley's heading for Aviemore, progress was pitifully slow. So slow in fact  that we did Manchester to Stirling faster than we did Perth to Inverness. What a dreadful road that A9 is. If there is any road in the UK that needs another lane then this is it. It will be off my transport route options from now on. I think it would have been quicker to cycle it.

 Anyway we got to our overnight stop after fish and chips for lunch at 3.30pm in Aviemore. We was going to have a walk round Aviemore to stretch our legs but it was inundated with bikers so we just carried on our way.

  We had a pleasant stay at the Old North Inn, nothing special but good enough for an overnight stop. The locals bar was interesting and we enjoyed the banter with them.

 The morning saw the rain had not abated but wasn't heavy. The forecast was for an improving situation and this proved correct. The drive along Strath Bran and Loch Maree was a joy. The scenery stunning and Beinn Eighe enticing. I did take some photo's but the internet connection here where we are staying in Gairloch is not wide enough to both view and upload any photographs. I believe that the library has wifi so i will try and log on to it on Monday.
 The weather here as i type this is very blustery and a bit nippy. Cloud base about 300metres.
We are constantly looking across the bay hopeful we see whales and dolphins.

More to come.


John J said...

Woo-hoo, can't wait to see the photographs!


Phil Ross said...

Fantastic area, brings back some very good memories. Enjoy your stay and take some nice pics.

Phreerunner said...

Alan, the A9 is all about timing. Your resolution should be not to use it again on a Bank Holiday! I've been up and down it quite a few times this year with no delays at all.
Anyway you've chosen a brilliant place to chill out after your long journey. Lots of brilliant Munros, and also the classic Baosbheinn and Beinn an Eoin round that Sue and I did in June.
Have a great time...
PS It's raining in Timperley...

AlanR said...

Hi JJ.
Yes Woo-Hoo indeed. Been stunning today.

AlanR said...

Hi PhilR,
Too true, beautiful area. Glad it brought good memories back for you.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
Hope you are enjoying the rain for a change.
Not sure what we will get up to yet. So much going on at the moment.
One thing is, we will chill out.
Even though some other roads may be longer than the A9, they will be moving, so i think i will be using them on the way back.
Looks like you had a good evening walk too.

-maria- said...

We are enjoying some of the warmest & sunniest weather this summer! I look forward to your pictures, hope you see (and maybe even get photos of) whales and dolphins!

AlanR said...

Hi Maria,
Today, Sunday, its been one of the warmest days this year. No rain for a change.
I am not having any luck downloading pics to blogger at the moment but we have some good ones. None of whales and dolphins yet though.

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