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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A - Z Adventure Atlases

 I recently bought one of these new maps from the people that publish the A - Z series of street maps. The new maps are 1:25,000 scale and are basically the OS Explorer series.

As you can see from the above photo’s the area covered is called the Southern Fells. This includes both OS maps Lake District SW and SE. The same applies for the Northern fells.

The maps
Everything about the actual map is just the same as OS standard.

What i liked about them.
  1. The paper. Is more like magazine quality, not like basic OS series.
  2. The maps are in booklet form, not one big sheet.
  3. The booklets are the same size as a fully folded OS map.
  4. Great to handle and flip pages when your on the hill.
  5. The OS Lake District maps are 4 in total. With the A-Z book this is covered by 2 books.
  6. The weight of 1 booklet  is equivalent to 1 OS map 130gr.
Unlike the original OS sheets. These A-Z Adventure Atlases include a comprehensive index to towns, villages,hamlets, and locations, natural features, nature reserves, car parks and youth hostels, making them quick and easy to use. Each index entry has a page reference and a six figure National Grid Reference.

 The only down side i can see is that for long route planning, sometimes you want to see the bigger picture.  But that can be achieved using one of the free mapping software companies available on the internet. Once the planning stage is complete then i think these booklets are excellent and easy to use.

Currently area options are limited, but will increase with time. They are available from Dash4it for the price of £5.57. Take a look here.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting find. I've not bothered navigating with 1:25000 maps as they are unwieldy. This could be the answer!

AlanR said...

And Dartmoor is available Robin.

BG! said...

Ooh, I like the look of those! Looks like they cover all of the Wainwrights, something that my OS OL paper maps fail to do Back o' Skidda.

Dare I ask... how do they fare in the rain? Are the inks and paper up to the job of being used in clag and drizzle like the standard OS bedsheets are?

AlanR said...

Hi BG,
I have only just got it and cannot give you a definitive answer. The printing looks durable and the paper is glossy.
If it would stand up to a shower or long periods in the clag, i would doubt. After all you cannot expect waterproof paper for this sort of money.
I wouldn’t use it without a map case that’s for sure. But if marketing have called it an Adventure map and it only has one adventure in it. Then there will be trouble.

welshpaddler said...

Just bought the northern lakes one and off there on Saturday. Obviously the sun will shine for 7 days and I will not be able to test the effect of rain!

AlanR said...

Thanks for commenting. Hope you will pop back and let us know how you get on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alan, I'm going to investigate those. I like paper; electronic stuff makes me nervous.

AlanR said...

Hi Oss,
I like both. Let us know what you think of them.

Andrew W said...

I may have to pop over there. Only just spotted this. I am liking the idea.

AlanR said...

I was quite taken with the idea when i first saw it and decided to get one and give it a go. I will review it when i have used it in anger next weekend.

Alan Sloman said...

All my maps have tears at the folds from constant folding & refolding. This could be the answer!
Cheers Al.

AlanR said...

The options are few at the moment Alan, but it's a start.

Sharon Whitley said...

looks like a really good idea - as Alan says maps get worn at the folds so this looks like a way round that - I'll be checking them out

AlanR said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for your comment.
Glad you like them.

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