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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A nice walk home.

 A bright sun shinning through the curtains was our first glimpse of the day. Is it raining i asked Sheila who was already downstairs and making some tea. No it’s a lovely morning was the reply and so it was up and out quite quickly after that.
Giving Dorothy a shout and post breakfast we set off.
Initially we set off south along the Rochdale canal until approaching Chadderton where we left the canal to enjoy a good path following the River Irk.

We have seen plenty of rain this last week and it was a bit of a surprise to see the amount of flood water. In the photo below the water on the left is usually a field full of sheep.
Today it looked like a new river. Complete with swans, Canada geese and Mallard a plenty.

Just before leaving the canal, 2 horses gave me the chance of being a bit arty.

The river Irk passes through Chadderton Park, a place usually full of dog walkers and today was no exception.
On the other side of the park we pass through the outskirts of suburbia. Although it’s a quiet village Chadderton Fold today had a juniors football team in residence. We moved quickly past and into Healds Green. Just prior to being back in open country there is a bit of a hill that Dorothy really loves.

We usually shout some remark back like “come on, almost there” and we usually get a remark back too but it’s not printable here.
The narrow land rover tracks today were flooded although the views of moorland along the Pennines looked so close.
Sheila doing some Irish dancing.

View across towards Grains Bar. (Centre)

Yours truly. Just as we enter Tandle country park with it’s beautiful Beech Trees. The leaves just turning to Autumn and resplendent in the low sun.

 I love walking in this park. Every day is different because of the light filtering through the foliage. The ground becomes covered in copper coloured leaves. Squirrels abound here too.
Here are a few pictures of the trees.

On the high point of the park is the trig point and a monument to the dead of Royton.
The views from the top are always worth the effort of getting there.
View across to Derbyshire

View of the Manchester skyline.

Winter Hill (L). Pendle Hill (R).

Wind farm on Scout Moor. Not turning today.

The route home after a good 10k walk.


Trekking Britain said...

Loving the autumnal colours! :-)

AlanR said...

Thanks Jamie. It’s my favourite time of year in Tandle country park. It’s a place i go regularly because the colours and the light changes every week.
Your web site is a credit to you btw.
Good result for the reds too!

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