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Monday, March 31, 2014

Did someone mention a Challenge?

Fellow blogger JJ and I had a fast and furrious scurry via Aviemore to the Monadhliath where we met up with Mike (the Pieman) and Judith for a bit of a challenge reccy.
Well i’m back home now and it was cold, wet, and in some parts deeply covered in the white stuff.
All very challenging.
There is more to come later when i’ve dried the gear out, defrosted my feet and got the red way marker paint cleaned off my rucksack. And i promise not to mention turbines.
 Which way? Are you sure this is Lairig Ghru?
The new Burma Rd, we called it, straight across the centre of the Monadhliath.
Map and compass no longer required.


Phreerunner said...

Sounds like a thrilling trip - so sorry I couldn't make it due to 'domestic duties'. No doubt you'll be returning the marker pens soon, sorry to hear the red one leaked!

AlanR said...

Hi Martin, No it wasn’t marker pen it was thick glutinous red paint from one of the hundreds of new way marker posts. I leaned the sack on when we had a brerw, not realising it was still wet paint.

Phreerunner said...

Good. I'm still puzzled about why you wanted to borrow my marker pens though. Did you use them to deface the signs? Some turps or white spirit should sort your sack out, though if Sheila is following you she may mistake you for Waggy!

Martin Rye said...

A sad reflection on how that area is now so changed. Sad.

AlanR said...

The cafe is quite handy though.

John J said...

That cafe was a bit of a surprise, it certainly helped us on our way. It's just a shame, with all those wind-turbines, that it has to rely on a generator for power.

AlanR said...

I had forgot that.Yes, but as it is just temporary until the farm is finished I suppose its the old chicken and egg thing.

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