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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Tick key - mod

The Tick-key is a small light option to remove those pests of the outdoors., the Tick.
Last year i only had 1 tick, which burrowed into the back of my knee and i felt it in the early stages of getting its teeth into me and i quickly removed it with the key.

Then Stef at BG blog pointed me in the direction of Brian Green’s blog. Brian had modified the key.
Now the reason for doing it is so that you can get the key into those small awkward places that ticks like to wild camp for as long as possible. Generally the key will get at most ticks but i wasn’t going to take chances and so i modified mine to the same design as Brian’s. Thanks Brian btw and Stef for the heads up..

Here is my modified key.
It’s an easy mod, it took me 15 minutes max. A hacksaw, a drill and bit and a needle file was all it took. Oh as well as a piece of 1mm dyneema cord.

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