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Friday, October 8, 2010

Beer bottles

Last week when In the Lake District we called into Gosforth Hall Inn for a meal and whilst there i asked the Landlord if he had any empty aluminium beer bottles. After a conversation about wanting them to make some backpacking stoves he said he would sort some out for me as long as i made him one and i could pick them up before going back home.
So the next time i went in they were ready for collection.
I wanted a few and this is what i got. LOL.

We have not had a party honest! I think i am going to be busy.

My stove set up.
L - R Cosy for meths bottle, flame douser made from a coke can, meths bottle, My homemade beer bottle stove, Gram Weenie stove that i was testing out, Foil base x2, 600ml Titanium Evernew pan, Meths measurer and windshield.


-maria- said...

I call this fair trade - some thirty bottles for a meths stove! BTW, I've never seen aluminium beer bottles before; we only have glass bottles and aluminium cans in Finland (so far).

AlanR said...

Hi Maria,
There are not too many aluminium beer bottles in UK either. Bud is common though and can be bought anywhere.
There is also an aluminium wine bottle but this can be hard to find.

An alternative is deodorant cans. They are available everywhere as long as they are the seam free aluminium type they work fine. I made a stove from one recently.

And of course you can make a stove from a coke can also.

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