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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birker Fell

Today, prior to setting off back home from the Lakes, the Wasdale fells were crisp and seemed so close that you could almost touch them. The colours of the Autumn leaves, the reds, the oranges and shades of greens stood out brilliant against a stunningly clear blue sky.
I must take some pictures from Birker Fell, as we drive back, i thought.

Heading through Santon Bridge and Eskdale Green was a pleasure and there were plenty of walkers about, and then the incline as we drove up over the cattle grid and onto Birker, was stunning.
The ferns were all dying off and the browns and oranges stood out in the bright sunlight.
The Scafell ridge around to Bowfell was impressive as was the view east to Green How.
To the south east the sun silhouetted Stickle pike and the Dunnerdale Fells.

What a pity we were driving home but here are a few images of the day.

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