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Monday, October 11, 2010

Berghaus Pro Primal Mid boot

When in Manchester on Thursday last, i picked up these Berghaus Pro Primal Mid boots at TKMax. They only had 1 pair and as luck had it they were my size and fitted fine.

I am not a Berghaus fan in any way but i must say that i like these. I think they came out in 2008 originally so i was surprised to see that they only weighed 507gr.

I have walked 12 miles in them and found them very comfy and they hold the heel very well. They have a speed lacing system but i don't like it at the moment, the spec sheet says that the lacing system tightens them in all the right places, but they don't and i needed to adjust them. Maybe it's because they are new and they need to give a bit.
I will persevere with it for a while.

I havn't got them wet yet so i will have to wait and see what they grip like when it's raining.

But for the £47 i paid, i think i have a good buy.

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