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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gairloch Photo's

 Back home from Gairloch, washing done, gear sorted. That only left the hundreds of photo’s we took, to go through. Sort out the dross and pick which one’s were ok to post.
It is so good to have a WiFi connection back on for the internet. It drove us almost to despair in Gairloch just being able to email or text but we couldn’t google search or see a web site or send photographs.
 It’s not until you have no internet that you realise how much we have become dependant on it for so much.
 So, there are 102 photo’s to see if you wish to do so. Step through our window (well click on the link below), and have a look at what there is to see in the area.
Link to photo’s. View here.
The slideshow button is on the right hand side of the page, 2nd line down.

     Hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them. The light in the morning and evening is as good as you can get. It’s no wonder there are so many pro photographers living in this area. And it was a real surprise to find out just how many of the local residents are English.


Anonymous said...

Some lovely photos, Alan and some good weather. It does occasionally happen!

AlanR said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks for the kind words.
The thing is, you don't tend to take pics when its bad and then when its nice you go overboard snapping at everything. But we enjoyed the whole week. It's a great place.

Louise said...

It is indeed a great place and David and I will be back there very soon for a last wild life cruise before the end of the season. Can't wait now!!

AlanR said...

Hi Louise (with the "E"). Owing to the rough seas and also the search for the canoeist we never got chance to get out on a cruise.
Next time definitely. There is so much to do there for the outdoors person i would go back tomorrow.

Sir Hugh said...

A great slideshow for me, having been nowhere far from home this summer after my knee replacement - all very evocative. I had a super meal near Red Point and the landlord was a cigar enthusiast, and having stopped smoking when I was 28 I have about two good cigars a year - he recommended a particular Havana and that is all a very happy memory.

Do you crop your photos, or enhance them with Photoshop or similar software - they are very good?

AlanR said...

Morning Sir Hugh,
Thanks for the comment. Yes i have used crop and zoom on a few photo’s and i have either raised or dropped the exposure on a couple. I havn’t used any Photoshop or similar kit to enhance them. I did take plenty of shots of the same scene and picked the best of the bunch for the post slideshow.
I don’t have a camera that takes RAW images, so what you see is more or less what you get.
For someone to say they are good is indeed a compliment. Thanks again.

afootinthehills said...

Hi Alan - first chance I've had to look at your photographs. They really are excellent and capture the moods and textures of this beautiful landscape. Thanks.

AlanR said...

Thanks Gibson, very kind. Sorry for the delay in reply. We are just enjoying so welcome sun in Greece.

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