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Monday, September 24, 2012

Home and that sunset.

  Back home and although only away for a week it was still a shock to the system leaving 30 degrees C in Greece and stepping back into Blighty with 13 degrees C with wind and rain. It's also very grey here.

  It’s been a very interesting and worthwhile trip and i hope there will be more to come on this soon.

  My phone is still refusing to send any photographs for some reason. It will send text to a new post but point blank refuses to send a picture from the phone memory. The email address is correct or the text would not arrive on the blog, which it does.
There is plenty of cash on the phone so it has nothing to do with that.
The internet is working fine.

  If any phone experts reading this has any suggestions,  apart from bin my HTC Desire, (Bloody HTC,  JJ). I would be very pleased to hear from you as it’s so annoying and now i am baffled.

  So here is the photo i was trying to send a few days ago and also a few more, now that i actually can.

The above photographs have not been enhanced using editing software. The colours are as happened.

 Sheila also did well with her bag for this trip. Her bag included seven “outfits” for the seven nights we were there. Ladies you will understand why seven would be needed and not say 4 and wear them twice like i suggested. However, her prudence with not taking any “Just in case” items resulted in us having only hand luggage. We were through the airports like whippets.

The whole lot weighed 4 Kilo going and 4.5 kilo coming back. We bought a couple of items to bring home, as you do.
 Sheila has suggested that next time she will travel lighter. We will see.

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