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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gairloch to Kinlochleven

 We decided that we would give the A9 a miss on the way home and so we checked the yellow pages for a phone number of any places with vacancies. We got in at the Macdonald Hotel at the end of Loch Leven. Well known to TGO challengers and why not, it's a good stopping point.

 On the drive south we stopped off in Torridon, Strathcarron, Plockton, Sheil Bridge, Spean Bridge and Fort William. We were in no rush and it was a pleasure to actually stop off instead of rushing past these lovely places. Unfortunately the rain didn't abate much but today it didn't matter. As we passed through Lochcarron we noticed the frost on the tops.

 Lunch time came in the shape of the Clunie Inn, its changed since i was last in but it was ok.

 So here we are with WiFi internet, YES!!!
So here's a piccy to be going on with.

More soon.


afootinthehills said...

The staff at the Macdonald Hotel were so helpful when we were organising our W-E crossing - and when we had to cancel it. I've got a real soft spot for Kinlochleven. Enjoy your stay and have a safe trip home.

AlanR said...

I can agree with you. All is wonderful especially the Haggis, tatties and neaps with whisky peppercorn sauce.
We are taking our time on the way back. Everybody keeps telling us how wonderful the weather has been. We must have been in the wrong place. No sunshine today all the way.

afootinthehills said...

Do they mean 'has been wonderful for most of the summer in the west and NW'? I think you may just have missed it unfortunately. We are off to the Cairngorms (Braemar side)then west later if the sun returns.

AlanR said...

Yes, The locals in Gairloch and guys i was talking to who live on Skye. They say the summer has been good.
The weather in Kinlochleven and down to Glasgow has been excellent today. (Sunday) Pity we are driving back.

Have a great time in Cairngorms.

Louise said...

Must admit, we had the best weather we've ever had in Gairloch when we were there beginning of August. It's been pretty good on the Moray coast too. You were just unlucky :-)

AlanR said...

Thanks Louis. That makes me feel so much better.

AlanR said...

Wups missed the e off! Sorry Louise.

Louise said...

At least you only changed my gender, if you missed out the "i" you'd have changed my species!!

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