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Monday, September 24, 2012


Just trying to resolve my photo problem.

As you can see above, the problem of sending photo's is now resolved.

As is usually the way, the problem is not the tool but the one that's using it. I read blogger help and found that blogger will only allow images up to 250kb's.  I found the settings for the phone camera and it seems that the camera on the HTC Desire is better than i thought and the images i had been taking and trying to send were all around 900kb. So now that i have reduced the quality below 250kb's the image has finally made it's way through the revolving doors of cyberspace, collected £200 and not gone to jail.
The image is not too bad either considering this one is only 109kb.

Well that's another bit of techno learning curve well and truly learn't.

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Phreerunner said...

Sue arrived to work from home (thereby kicking me off the computer) at lunchtime, just as I was about to comment that I've never had any trouble sending images from the BB phone, so long as they are low resolution. Most of mine are 20-50Kb. Glad you managed to work out the problem for yourself!

BTW, aren't you due another holiday? It always seems to rain when you're in town!

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
I didn't realise that i had changed settings on the phone to the top level. It must have been weeks prior to going to Gairloch because i didn't solve the problem there either. Still all is well now.

As for holidays i'm afraid that we are in for a wet winter. Next holiday will not be before February 2013 unfortunately. Good luck with the chally entry. Will you be doing an unaided crossing this time or will you be roughing it with a sprung mattress and slippers.

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