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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saddleworth Today Pt.2

 Just to put some meat around the bones of the last post. Sheila sent the photograph using her new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. What a lovely phone this is, if ever there was a smart phone, then this is it. 
 It was just a trial run really, to make sure it was set up correctly.

 Today's walk didn't work out exactly as i planned yesterday because, i thought it might be a bit too much for Dorothy. I am also struggling to shake off a sore Achilles tendon that i picked up whilst running, when we were in Gairloch a few weeks ago.  

 Unfortunately for me, I had also been invited to join Martin Bamfield who's blog is here, to do a couple of days walking with him and a mate from Scotland which, due to this tendon problem i have had to decline his kind offer. 

 So todays walk, was a walk of 2 halves. One up on the moors above Diggle and Marsden and the other a walk along the canal to Uppermill and return to Diggle.

We started more or less where i finished my mid week walk at the Diggle Hotel.

 Empty, derelict house on route. Some renovation work seems to have been started and then stopped suddenly.
 Marsden Moor sign

 The Great Western Inn taken with telephoto lens.

Approaching Redbrook reservoir

 Redbrook and Pule Hill

 The Pennine Way, Standedge Trail crossroads
 Not sure what this stone represents. It is probably a boundary stone but i cannot confirm that. It is located just to the south east of Redbrook Reservoir.
Brew time, east of Warnock Hill
 The return point. The Carriage House. 
We resisted the temptation to call in although it seemed to be doing well with all the cars outside. We walked back more or less the same route over to Diggle. 
 Approaching Diggle on return leg
 Some temporary Diggle residents
 West entrance to the Standedge tunnel. Huddersfield narrow canal.
 Saddleworth Viaduct
On my last visit i couldn’t help but get some chips from Betty’s fish and chips in Uppermill, and because i had told Sheila how nice they were it just had to be done again. This time because it was past lunch time and we were quite hungry we sat in and made pigs of ourselves.
Yummy, mushy peas.

 Sheila and Dorothy buying Ice Cream on route back to the car.
(Well they didn’t do Ice cream in the chippy)


Martin Rye said...

I like the moors section. A good walk and a good day out Alan.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
This is a lovely section of moorland and it’s relatively close to home.
On such a good day it would have been nice to do a longer circuit.

The Huddersfield Narrow canal has some fine history and scenery. But you either love them or hate them. The paths can be a bit busy depending on the day.

Phreerunner said...

Nice walk, Alan, and a shame you can't join us next week. It promises to be a bit frenetic!
I'll be interested to hear more about the Samsung when we meet up - I'm considering either that one or the Note.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
It has the makings of a good walk. Yes shame about the tendon problem, i was optimistic that it would be ok. But it caused some pain on certain terrain so i thought it best not to take the chance of aggravating it further.
As for your 2 phone options. My opinion is both are excellent.
The note screen is bigger than the S3. But the S3 is big enough.
Sheila got the 32gb memory phone for the same price as the 16gb with Vodafone. So that might be worth asking about when you decide. Both use Android 4 Jelly bean platform, so no difference there.
I think the battery life is better on the S3 so that might sway you but good luck picking one or the other.

afootinthehills said...

A fine day out Alan. Not an area I know so these posts always have lots of interest for me (and others, I'm sure). Hope the Achilles tendon problem is resolved - I've had this problem for years but just keep bashing on. Nothing helps!

AlanR said...

Thanks Gibson,
I think my tendon problem has resulted from a torn calf muscle. The muscle doesn’t stretch as much and so the tendon has had to compensate. All the running i have done this year to loose weight has got to the point where the tendon has said enough is enough.
I think it will recover but these injuries are not quick healers. And i think my running days are over.

afootinthehills said...

Hi Alan

I said 'nothing helps', but in fact I do the standard exercises which stretch calf muscles and hamstrings which helps compensate for the reduction in the elasticity of my tendons. It does make a difference - I notice this when I don't stick to my stretching regime. I also have exercises for the tendons but I'd say the effectiveness is marginal. The blood supply to Achilles tendons isn't good so they don't heal quickly as you say.

A doctor friend kindly reimds me that it's age! (not in your case of course!)

AlanR said...

Thanks Gibson for all the info. I will look into the exercises. I am using ice and hot water to get blood flow into the area. Thanks for making me feel younger.

Lee said...

Mushy peas and gravy with your fish and chips. Is that what you eat over on the other side of the Pennines?

When I'm walking in the Peak District I usually stick to my all-day cooked breakfasts, toasted teacakes or cream teas.

AlanR said...

Yes. Lee, i’m afraid we are just so sophisticated over here.
I was once told by a chef that if i put gravy on his fish he would report it to the Police. Ha
I do love a cooked breakfast though.

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