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Friday, February 8, 2019

Inov 8 All terrain pro mitt.

The choice of gloves and mitts on the market is seriously mind blowing. From Aldi to Arcteryx, the costs vary so widely too.
Like most serious walkers, my glove drawer is packed with so many different brands and materials that have failed in one way or another or are so dedicated to certain conditions or terrain that they don’t get used often enough.

 I’ve tried for years and years to find a pair that will suit my walking conditions month in month out. I would just like to emphasise that I mean “my walking conditions” which doesn’t include climbing, a bit of scrambling maybe, but not running, biking or rafting.

 I have been involved in the Duddon Valley Fell Race for 25 years or so and I always make a point of checking out the gear which is for sale on the Pete Bland sales van. It’s also interesting to see what gear the fell runners themselves have chosen because they run in some dreadful conditions.
 I noticed that the Inov 8 All Terrain Pro mitt was one that stood out from the crowd. So when the opportunity presented itself I bought a pair for myself.
I’ve tried them out now in all conditions including snow.

The mitts, which I have, as opposed to the glove are extremely light weight at 47 grams per pair in size Large. They have a close fitting stretch cuff and a warm lining.
The important parts ie the outer material and the seams are made from 90% nylon, 5% Polyester and 5% TPU. The seams i am guessing are heat sealed rather than taped. There are no tell tale signs of taping but are incredibly watertight. I am guessing heat sealed because TPU lends itself to that method of sealing and is used extensively in water sports etc. but I am not going to damage the glove to make sure.
I emailed Inov-8 with a question about the seams but although i received a response from them i didn't find out either way.
They are designed to wear over the top of a liner glove if required and I agree that this combination works well, giving the variability to modify what you wear depending on the conditions encountered and therefore prevent overheating or visa versa.
They come with elasticated wrist straps so that you can take them off and they won’t blow away and I found this very useful.
I have used them them on there own and they are warm. I have used them with a pair of Rab merino liner gloves and also a thin pair of possum wool liners and I have doubled up the liners just for the review but they were too warm.
Having a combination glove set that weighs 100 grams in total (3 pairs)and takes up hardly any pack space is  a winner for me and I would recommend TGO challengers to seriously consider these.
If I had to find a fault I would say that the elasticated cuff would have been better adjustable. It’s quite a tight fit and if you are a person with stout wrists then they may not suit.


  1. Now that is interesting Alan. I have a pair of very light Montane's. They pack down very small but are quite toasty. Mind, they are not waterproof.

  2. Hi Dawn. I’ve been so impressed with these that we have now gone out and bought Sheila a pair. We have had numerous alternatives offered to us in shops that didn’t stock the Inov-8, including the Montane. We eventually found a pair in the Kong Outdoor shop in Keswick. I’m well impressed with that store and wish they would open one in Manchester.

  3. Hi Alan
    I have a pair of these and agree they are very good...I haven't used them with liners, just on their own.
    I don't know how well they'd last using trekking poles I use my Buff Mitts when I'm using poles.

  4. Hi Al. It’s a fair point about walking pole wear and one that I can’t answer. They are made for running not hiking and are lightweight, so as with all lightweight gear they have to be treated with respect. Having said that, they may last, I don’t have a definitive answer. I think that this question would be best answered after a season use review. I personally think that they will be ok. They will undoubtedly be fine for TGO challenge hikers and it would be great if someone wears them doing the challenge and comments later. Cheers.


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