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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interchangeable Soles

 I read this review the other day and it is the first time i have seen this type of idea.
The photo below shows a pair of winter insulated boots from Korkers in the US with an interchangeable sole.
 I think the idea is great, especially for long walks on varied terrains where depending if your on a hard surface or mud or snow you could change the sole to suit conditions.
 Maybe the boot will have to be too rigid in itself for everyday use, i am not sure, but i thought it worth sharing and to hear what others think.


BG! said...

I like that idea, not only because of the ability to change soles according to the traction required, but also to extend the life of a good boot with a worn-out sole. If my original Scarpa SLs had had such a system with Skywalk soles I'd still be wearing them - the uppers were fine but resoling with Skywalks wasn't a viable option.
The IceTrac Extreme studded soles look interesting :-)

AlanR said...
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AlanR said...

Me too, i think majority of us wear out the soles first. With the IceTrac Extreme having replaceable spikes, it almost seems too good.
Maybe the options available at korkers are not the be all and end all but what a super idea.

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