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Thursday, March 1, 2012

O1M lightweight shoe

I posted a little while ago about these lightweight shoes. You can read it here.

I placed an order for a couple of pairs and now that they have arrived from Valencia i thought i should do a quick post on them.

These shoes pack small, i mean very small.
1 pair of Medium (I’m size 42 EU.) O1M shoes.
I have 2 sizes, a pair size small and a pair medium and weight wise they are M = 170 gr per pair and S = 126 gr. /pair.

They are made from State of the Art Biodegradable Plastic. Their words not mine.
I have worn them for a couple of days, in all about 20 hours. They have no insole but if you want a pair with insoles then they are available.
They are ideal for camping use and as a second shoe for backpacking. If you want to walk around town in them then you will need an insole.
If you want them for use on grass, sand, water sports, showers or general loafing around then less insoles is fine.
I noticed a little sweating when i took them off but not as i wore them. I wore them one day with a thin sock and this was also fine as the shoe has some elasticity.

For €10 i think they are great addition to the kit and has knocked a few grams of our rucksack weight.


t.ont said...

Hi Alan,

i use these shoes too. They are great! Another review could be found on my blog:

greetings vom germany

Laura said...

Hi Alan, Thanks for the update on these. I was just wondering yesterday where I had read about really lightweight backpacking shoes and voila! it was here.
How sturdy do you think they'll be and could you use them for river crossing?

AlanR said...

Hi Laura,
Good to hear from you. It must have been fate with the shoes. Let me first say that i have not tried a river crossing with them but my feeling is yes they would be up to it as they are made primarily for water sports, but, there’s always a but isn’t there. If they are too loose on your particular foot and the river is fast flowing there could be a tendency for them to be pulled off. Whether this is any worse than say crocs i doubt. If the shoe is a nice fit i don’t think you will have any problems with them. But i would put something on any shoe, a bit of elastic or string, in any river to be on the safe side that if one did come off i had it secured.
The nice thing is that no water is retained when you get out and a quick wipe over and they are dry again.

AlanR said...

Hi Tont,
I will go to your blog and have a read. Thanks for getting in touch and i am looking forward to seeing how these perform.

AlanR said...

Laura, forgot to mention. If you buy these and your size is bordering between sizes then go for the smaller ones.
Also expect 7 - 10 days from order to delivery.

Alan Sloman said...

At 10 Euros it would be rude not to try them
Cheers Al!

Andrew W said...

I have a couple of pairs of these, since I got a discount from them for 2 pairs.(Not Yellow ones Al S).
I ordered them after you original post.
They do pack very small, and I am pondering on these or Crocs for the Challenge.
I might still go with Crocs because they are so comfortable, but I am going to trial mine in a couple of weeks.
Mine are size L which they say does shoe sizes 9 to 11.
I do not know how they work over time, but they are a snug fit on me, although I suspect XL might be loose.
Shame they are not in real uk sizes.
I'll give them a bash and if they seem too tight, I will donate these to someone and get a pair in XL.
They took about 2 1/2 weeks to arrive.

Alan Sloman said...

I tried ordering them last night and after filling in their unusual credit card details it wanted about double the 10 Euros and then said there was some sort of problem (I think - it was all in Pigeon English - the translation from Spanish) So I ma not sure if I have a pair coming or not.

AlanR said...

Hi Alan,
I am not sure what the cost of postage would be for one pair but i took up the offer of 3 pairs. Buy 2 get one free. Postage was €13.
I just used Post Office. DHL was offered but this would be more expensive.

I had to email them because stupidly i filled the form in incorrect. They answered within minutes and put it all right. If you have any worries about the order, email them and ask if the order has arrived ok. I assume you have an order number.

AlanR said...

Mine are size 42, M. They are just a touch loose but nothing to moan about. With a thin sock like Coolmax they are perfect.
Glad i helped in some way. Hope you think they are worthy.

Laura said...

I had a go at ordering a pair last night but was a bit defeated by the Spanish! I did notice that they wanted to charge 8+ euros for delivery which seemed a lot for a 10 Euro item! So I'm thinking about it again today - maybe I'll just stick with the Crocs........

AlanR said...

Hmm, you surprise me. If i can do it Laura i would have thought you could. You can always use the translate key on windows or singularly translate a word with google.
I don't think 8+ euro's is a lot from Spain. Obviously the Correos don't know it's only a 10E item.
If you want to me to send you a pair to have a look at let me know.

Laura said...

Hmmmmm! I'll think about it thanks Alan. I expect I thought that as I was in France it would be only 'next door' after all the package wouldn't weigh much.....

AlanR said...

HMMMMMMMMMMM> OK Laura, The offer stands anytime.

Laura said...

Now I'm looking at ultra lightweight options (such as these) I wondered what you know about Vivo Barefoot sandals or trainers?

AlanR said...

Hi Laura, To be honest, i have not seen them in the flesh. Only on web sites and i havn’t read any reviews.
The only others i have seen in the flesh are the Saucony Hittari and the Zem. I know Martin Banfield uses the Hittari so it might be worth asking him what he thinks. If you fancy them of course.
Sorry i can’t help with the Vivo’s.

Unknown said...

Every time I get out of my bag to conduct some late night ablutions, I don't bother to put on boots and then step in a bog. It's comical it's so regular. This may be the answer. They look awful though, don't they?

AlanR said...

To be honest Maz i don't mind them now. I just wear them around the house with a sock on. They can get a bit sweaty if worn too long without a sock.
For camp wear i think they are superb and you just roll them up and stash them in the rucksack pocket. Brill.

Anonymous said...

I just bought some off eBay, great seller got next day delivery and a great item :)

AlanR said...

Pleased to have helped. Ideal for those wet camp days and nights.

charlieoutdoor said...

Would you guy's like to see a UK stockist? And do you think others would buy them??

AlanR said...

I have bought 3 pairs so far. They are excellent shoes for backpackers as they don't get damp and therefore they don't get heavier. They also take up very little space in the rucksack.
They are more ideal for water sports which is what i think they are designed for. They would be great on the beach and other leisure activities.
If there had been a UK supplier i would have ordered them from you as the cost of postage from Spain puts a lot of people off ordering. I also know some people struggled with the OEM website and didn't order them because of that.
Hope that helps.

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