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Monday, March 19, 2012

My Samsung NX10 digital camera sale.

NOW SOLD. Thanks Andrew W.
I bought this camera in June 2010 and posted about it Here.
I thought i would offer it to readers first before putting it on ebay, simply because its a lovely camera and i would like it to go to somebody who reads my blog and gets the benefit of a bargain.

Condition:- It is as you would take it straight out of the box. In fact its still in it’s box, all wrapped up. There are no marks on the viewing screen, eyepiece or lens.
The lens is the Samsung 18-55mm and comes with a lens hood.
All the cables, charger, USB etc are with it, as is the software for Windows or Mac and the quick start manual.
The battery is in good condition.
I won’t put all the relevant specifications here because Google has lots of sites which show all the info necessary and more. Like this one for example.

If you have any Pentax K mount lenses, these will work with this camera but a small adaptor is required.

Interested? If so then please email me and hopefully we can sort out a deal.
Thanks. Alan


Andrew W said...

Mighty tempting Alan.
My Pentax K200D lenses would fit.
As would my older set of Pentax lenses.
Shame you haven't got the 30mm pancake lens with it.

AlanR said...

Hi Andrew, the 15-55 was better for outdoor pics which is mainly what it was used for. I didn't think i would use the Pancake so din't get one. For me it was the right decision.

Considering i paid £500+ for this new. You would have lots of change left over from what i am asking for it, to get a Pancake if you feel you need one.

Thanks for looking anyway.

Andrew W said...

I cannot find your email address Alan.

email ME and I will get back to you.

digital camera said...

Oh man, I'm a little too late for your camera sale :(

Could have been one of the best deal since your cam still look brandnew.

AlanR said...

Sorry but Andrew was quick off the mark. Thanks for viewing anyway and you now have some free advertising to a new audience.

Find it Here

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