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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rivington Amble part2.

  With Sheila not being able to make Martins evening walk last tuesday she asked me to revisit it today so that she knew what she had missed.
  I must say what a good job Martin did with the navigation bit. Considering that it was dark when we did the walk on tuesday, i still had 2 places where i went away from the route Martin did.
Not on purpose you understand, i just went wrong and although it was obviously wrong, i still say well done Martin for picking the right paths in the dark.

  There is no need to do a walk review because of the post i did earlier and Martin’s blog post which is here.
  This morning was a lovely bright start but as we parked the car it was dull and grey and looked like rain.  We only just managed to get a parking place as the area was chocker block with visitors. I must remember if i come this way again, to get here early and get away from the crowds and the hounds as quickly as possible.

  The path was just as muddy as tuesday and if anything the temperature was much cooler. Up at the high point, Rivington Tower, it was damned cold with a cutting breeze, no view what so ever of the masts on winter hill although the Two Lads cairns were visible. (There are 3 cairns now for some reason). I knew we should have gone East today for the better weather instead of West.

  So i have a few photo’s from today to share and the first one is the only one i took from tuesday night.
It wasn’t as dark as this today.
I hadn’t realised on tuesday night, the trio of  “You can see me now jackets”.

 North, looking at Anglezarke Moor from the Pigeon Tower.
 The Pigeon tower from the Terraced Garden.

 Rivington Pike Tower
 The track across Rivington Moor to the Masts which today were in the cloud.
 The Two Lads Cairns just visible on the skyline.
 Ripped up pathways. 
Rivington Pike Tower from “The Castle” on Rivington Reservoir.


Phreerunner said...

Well done Alan, and we hope Sheila enjoyed it.

'we should have gone East' - correct, as you will see from our posting which will go up later this week....

Sue and Martin

-maria- said...

It is amazing how different the landscape can look like in the darkness of the night vs. in daylight.

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
I presume you went on the Snake doo?

AlanR said...

Hi Maria, It makes the senses work overtime thats for sure.

Phreerunner said...

We were a little further East than the Snake, Alan!

AlanR said...

Intrigued Martin.

Phreerunner said...

...patience, Alan! Are you joining us on Pt 1 of the Salford Trail on Thursday?

AlanR said...

I cannot make this thursday Martin, unfortunately. We must do it another time.
Sheila’s 50th on Friday and we have arranged to meet some friends thursday at 4.00pm in Manchester to start the celebrations. I was hoping to do both but it hasn’t worked out.
The best laid plans..... and all that.

Phreerunner said...

Never mind - another time perhaps. Does this mean Reg will scoff all the brownies?!

AlanR said...

Reg and JJ if John’s going.

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