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Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Rubbish

I was reading Robin's fine blog (Blogpackinglight) about Rubbish that had been discarded by mindless morons on the beautiful Peddars Way. It makes me cringe that human beings can do something like this.  Then i remembered that i had taken a photo of a similar kind of mess that had been dumped in Hamilton, New Zealand.
Fortunately we never saw excessive mess in New Zealand, but i'm sure that was more luck than anything else.

Anyway, here's my photo.
 It goes to show that the mindless are illiterate too
and whoever is doing the monitoring needs a bit of training.


Anonymous said...

Drives me to distraction, litter and rubbish: football grounds after the match are probably the worst example that springs to mind. The mess that some people leave behind on aircraft (even on short-haul flights) just beggars belief.

Out on the hill it's just moronic. Where's the logic in being prepared to carry the weight of a full drinks can or bottle onto a summit but then deciding that the empty is too much carriage to take back down?

The NIA after an indoor athletics meeting looks like a landfill site.

AlanR said...

I feel exactly the same. Where i live, people drive a 1/2 mile up our lane into rural fields and dump household and other rubbish. The annoying thing is that 2 miles the other direction there is a council waste tip.
What mentality have these people got that they risk being seen and reported. I just don’t understand what they have between their ears.

I must admit though, that apart from this one caption, New Zealand was a very clean country. We hardly saw any litter anywhere. So all credit to the people and the organisations.

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