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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wellington Pt. 2.

Walking from the top of the Funicular, through the Botanical gardens back down into Wellington, the first point of interest that we came to just happened to be the oldest cemetery in Wellington.
Known now as the Bolton Street Memorial gardens.
This cemetery was quite unique for the period. It's first burials were in 1841. The unusual thing was it was for all denominations. Until 1850 most graves were only marked by wooden grave markers and many of the original plots are now lost. More can be read here.
Old Chapel entrance

The plaque in the Old Chapel of William Wakefield.
Wakefield was an English Colonel and part of the original colonizing expedition of New Zealand. By all accounts he had quite a colourful life.

Walking now into town we visited the Cathedral. I wasn't keen on the design. I much more liked Nelson.
 However inside it was quite spectacular if a little too modern.

 Increadable organ pipes

One of the many stained glass windows.

 The New Parliament Building
And the Old Parliament Building.
The Trio with Statue of Richard John Seddon MP and a previous Prime Minister

Adjacent to the Old Parlament building is the Parliamentary Library. For me this was 
the best building in Wellington. Just stunning.
Government Offices.

 A bit of arty Justice.
 Another fantastic building is the railway station. The station was opened by Viscount Galway on 19th June 1937. Mahatma Gandhi must have been waiting a long time for his train.
 The station ceiling architecture
 And Harry Potters Platform 9 3/4.
What you need to do after all this sight seeing.

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