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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tresspass Rocked Active base layer top.

  Tresspass Rocked Base layer from OutdoorLook


Weight 260 grams

For me the important criteria when choosing a base layer comprises of the following:-

1. How does it fit.
  The Tresspass size chart suggested that a medium to be right for me. Trying it on i was surprised to find it was a little on the loose fitting side for a base layer. If you want good wicking then the top needs to be as close to the skin as possible to prevent sweat cooling before it escapes.

2. The Collar.
  Again the collar needs to be snug when fully zipped up. The collar on the Rocked was very loose and a little uncomfortable when combined with a fleece and waterproof. I noticed that the collar also retained moisture whether it be perspiration on just rain ingress. It took a lot longer to dry than is required for a base layer.

3. Zip.
  The zip should be smooth and not snag, it should have a beard/chin guard and preferably lock. The Rocked zip had no manufacturers mark but it was smooth and didn’t snag. It felt good.
There was no beard/chin guard and the lock was average at best.
The zip length opened about 1/3 of the length and provided decent ventilation.

4. Material.
Base layer material needs to breath, wick perspiration and dry quickly. It should also be soft as it is in direct contact with the skin, otherwise rubbing from the rucksack can occur.
 The Rocked is exceptionally soft for a double layer weave and is very pleasant to wear, this one is TP50, 100% polyester. It wicks quite well but would be better if closer fitting. The collar which is folded over and is probably 4 layers in total doesn’t wick well. I think this is unnecessary bulk and would aid drying time if this was reduced to the same thickness as the body.

5. Antibacterial attributes.
Man made fibres tend to be a little more smelly than natural fibres and although i don’t know if the material has been treated, having worn the top for 3 consecutive days and nights it didn’t pong too badly.

6. Design.
 Flatlock seams throughout. Although the rocked seams are flat they are quite bulky. I didn’t notice any particular discomfort.
The length is good and allows full arm movement when the body is restricted by the rucksack belt. I would have preferred a longer tail all the same.
The sleeves roll up easily and they don’t have thumb loops.
Overall weight is 260 grams which is a bit on the high side for a base layer.

 Although there are some negatives here, i thought it was a decent top. At 260 grams i would consider it to be in between a base layer and a mid layer. I would certainly wear it as a mid layer.
It’s very smart and could be worn as a casual everyday top.
For the price £14.08p, it is excellent value for money and one well worthy of consideration.

This top was sent to me FOC from OutdoorLook to review. I have no connection with OL and have no restrictions regarding my views or comments of the product.


afootinthehills said...

Excellent review Alan. £14.08 can't be bad. That said, I do wonder sometimes if new base layers are any better than the older ones. My base layer of preference in summer, is my 21 year old Berghaus Active Comfort Layer (ACL)and I can't honesty say I noticed it inferior in the Knoydart heat to any of my 'modern' base layers. The ACL also looks as good as new. I'd use Icebreaker on a long trip or in winter.

AlanR said...

I don’t disagree. Gibson. Apart from merino coming more into the fore, most current base layer materials have been round a long time. They just get called a trade name like ACL or TP for instance.
I have tried Merino numerous times over the last 3 years and it’s quite amazing how opinions change. I thought Merino was the bees knees but i now am not too keen on it when it gets wet. I don’t like the feel of it especially under the arms. I do like it as a mid layer thought and i prefer it this way.
As for this Tresspass top, for £14 it’s a good deal and if i had seen i before OutdoorsLook gave it me to review i probably would have bought one.

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