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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just a Moment!

 After my Wales trip i have finally got round to sorting my gear out. I put the Tarptent Moment up in the garden to make sure all was well ready for the next trip.

 I put a couple of extra guy lines on. Well there’s no point in carrying spare guy lines in the rucksack, just in case. I might as well just fit them in the first place and then i can’t loose them. Well that’s the theory anyway.

 Then i noticed a problem. At one end where the guy line is secured to the apex pole the ribbon that should be stitched to the pole sleeve had come away. Not only had it come away but it had been forced upwards which then, had inadvertently cut into the stitching that holds the end of the tent to the pole sleeve.

 Fortunately, if fortunately is the right word, only a couple of stitches have been cut by the ribbons upward travel.
 And, as it would happen, only this week, i have been praising the virtues of HS Tarptents, telling others that apart from one minor problem with a bungy cord becoming detached i hadn’t had any quality problems with my Moment. Isn’t it ironic.

 So, i have a repair job to do before i use it next and i am going to re-guy the ends. Even if it means more than 1 peg is necessary.

 Also, i have been using these Hold-On clips from UK Tarps to tension the sides when on uneven ground. I have now come to the conclusion that they are too heavy duty for such lightweight material as the Moment and all other Tarptents for that matter.
 They will eventually tear through the material. A far better idea is to get a patch sewn in with a ribbon attached for pegging out. Another job for Oookworks.


BG! said...

Have you tried Shelter Systems Grip Clips? They're more expensive than Hold-Ons but they're a lot more versatile.


AlanR said...

Thanks BGT. I will take a look.

Nielsen Brown said...

I have had similar problems with my moment, I always take care to ensure that the strut is in the pocket before erecting the shelter. I suspect that the problem is a result of a desire to enable the strut to be removed, but for me permanently sewing it in is the best idea.

Anonymous said...

Mine was like that out of the box. I left it as is before sending it to Chris T to see if he notices ;)

Like I said about tarptent... the ideas are great, the quality? Well that speaks for itself.

AlanR said...

Hi Nielson,
My struts won’t come out. I have tried to get them out but they are sewn in permanently.

AlanR said...

Hi Jake,
What is the connection with Chris T? Why send it to him?

Well i cannot defend them now can i. I have noticed one of the other bands is loose too.

AlanR said...

Had a look BG and i think i will get a couple and give them a try. Thanks for pointing them out.

Dawn said...

It appears to be the same sort of problem I experienced on my tarptent. My suspicion is that Henry Shires do not make tents with the rigors of UK weather in mind.

Anonymous said...

Nothing sinister, he said he was interested in seeing one, so I offered to send him mine. It's not like I'm missing the bloody thing!

You can still defend the design. I really hope he sorts out the production. If ULA can do it, so can he.

Anonymous said...

It's not even that, sadly - the production quality is just crap. Mine came like that straight from the factory!

AlanR said...

Hi Dawn,
I didn't know you had a tarptent. Which did you have and what probs did you have.

AlanR said...

Hi Jake,
I understand now. I just couldn't make a connection.
Lets hope Henry picks up on all the negative vibes going round and does something positive about it.

Dawn said...

Hi Alan,I had a Rainbow, one of the early models, the front velcroed, lethal in bad weather, three of the guy lines ripped out. The final straw was when it leaked despite seam sealing. After that I sold it. Let it go cheap too.

AlanR said...

Hi Dawn,
I didn't like the shape of the rainbow when it first came out but i quite like them now. I believe they are not too good in high winds though. Any ideas what you will get next?

Dawn said...

If money ever allows I think I would consider one of Six Moons designs. My next trip I am reverting to a heavier tent. Basically I am not happy with Golite and have resorted to a Macpac. Mind, I have shaved half a pound off its original weight. Still heavy though at a kilo and a half.

AlanR said...

Interesting choice. Must admit i have never seen a SMD tent in the flesh. Macpac always reliable.
Yes, if only money was no object. I will keep dreaming. I was quite surprised looking at the latest offerings from Force Tent. I know its not for solo backpacking but the Nitro lite 200 looked very good, and only 1.4kl i think it was.

-maria- said...

Sorry to hear about the quality issues with TT. Repairing your tent every so often is really not something you want to do. I have been eying their Hogback (not that I would be ordering it anytime soon, but it looks good for family use), but now it seems I need to consider other alternatives as well.

But those Shelter Systems Grip Clips BG pointed out look interesting. I may purchase a couple of them the next time I order something from Ultralight Outdoor Gear.

AlanR said...

Hi Maria,
It shouldn't happen, especially when US quality is usually very good. My tent faults i consider minor and i have repaired it this weekend. Its now better than new.
I would still buy another tarptent.
If you fancy a Hogback and the spec suits you then get it. Well thats my opinion anyway.
Its a big tent though, the Hogback.

Carl Mynott @GBWildlifeTales said...

Hi Alan (and all).

Thought I might add my twopenceworth.

As far as workmanship is concerned, my TT Moment has been absolutely fine. Stitching = Good, Threads = Good, line positioning = good, mesh = good, zips = good, clips and buckles = good, poles = good.

Design-wise, a few issues but thats not a reason to complain. The pictures and videos on t'internet are 'a plenty' and are good enough to work out the design and whether it will work. It is what it is, a very posh tarp, or a flimsy tent.

I stay dry in rain, most of the wind is kept out. It hasn't fallen over yet, but a real houlie would pull most tents over and I am sure that this would go at some point.
It suffers condensation just like any other tent or tarp - and they all do in the right conditions. I have seen trailstars and catenary cut tarps that are dripping on the inside.

So, it's not all cruddy workmanship from TarpTent. I wouldn't expect AKTO quality work from a shelter that is potentially less than half the price. I would however, expect stitching problems and quality issues to be resolved by the manufacturer, whatever the price.

AlanR said...

Hi Carl, Always stick your twopenceworth in.

My thoughts exactly, i couldn’t agree more.
The door is crap but again thats a personal thing. My problems are minor in comparison with say what James (Backpackingbongos) had with his. Now i would have been upset if that had been mine.

-maria- said...

That's good to hear, Alan. It is very likely I will be enjoying much longer summer holidays than hubby so a tent I could carry but that would take me and all three of our kids in it might be needed. But not this summer, maybe not even next summer. So we'll see. Although it might be that when the kids grow older they want their own solo tents!

AlanR said...

letting them carry there own lightweight tent is the right way to go i think. 1kl split between 2 would do it.
Who knows what new tents will be around in 2 yrs time.

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