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Monday, June 25, 2012

Waterproofer for Silicone Impregnated Tarptents +

Finding a waterproofer for Tarptents and other items proved a bit of a challenge in itself. You can get Grangers and Nikwax but they don’t work on Silicone impregnated nylons.

Then i found this product from McNett, called Thunder Shield, which i bought from Advanced Elements Kayaks, here.

Apart from just Silicone products it will do some waterproofs (but not Goretex and similar breathable ones), tarps, rucksacks, tents, chest pouches and more.

Ordering from AEK was fantastic service, arrived next day.


  1. Very interested in how it goes Alan.
    Need to redo the seams on Treeza some time.
    Might give her a good dousing if this stuff is the dogs.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Its new to me so i don't have any idea how good it is. All i can say is, McNett make quality gear so i'm prepared to give it a go. There's not a lot of choice out there anyway.

    1. If it is as good as the McNett Tenacious repair tape, it will be a great.

    2. In fact I will probably just get a can and give it a go.

  3. Andrew, I agree.

    Mark, Thanks.
    I have just found a YouTube vid of a guy using it. It's here.

  4. Hi Alan, an old post I know, but did you spray your TT flysheet with this or just did the seams. If it was the flysheet, was this because of the low HH on silnylon?


    1. Hi Mark,
      I did the whole thing. I didn’t do it because of the HH. I did it just to see how good it was.
      I also did other items like my rucksack.

    2. Thanks Alan, did it help? I have heard people use it to stop misting.

  5. To be quite honest Mark, my tent wasn’t leaking but i use the too soon is better than too late psychology. I can only say that it does seem to work. I did use the hose pipe as the guy in the video shows and i had no leaks. I sprayed my OMM Villain 45 before the challenge and it never wetted out. So my experience of it is favourable.


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