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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wales trip

 Tomorrow morning i am off to Mid Wales for a backpacking trip with Mike Knipe and Dawn Linney.
I think i will need all the help i can get from the Babbel fish as Mike is from Durham and Dawn from London. We are going in the area of Cadair Idris but thats about as much as i can tell you here.

 I packed my sack and then unpacked it as you do. Then i thought goodness that seems to be a lot of stuff. Having decided that i wasn’t taking anything out, here is my kit.

Top row right to left.
Waterproofs, Cloudveil Koven jacket and Rab overtrousers.
Kit in drybag containing stove windshield, trowel, hand sanitizer, lighter, StrikeForce fire starter reserve waterproof matches.
Super Delios water filter in blue cover,
Tent pole.
2L water bottle
Tarptent Moment tent,
Tent pegs,
Pump bag for sleeping mat.
Satmap active 10+ in drybag.
Mozi spray and sponge in plastic bag.
Sunglasses. (Probably won’t use them)
Spare string.
Small camera tripod.

Just under top row. Left to right.
Mozi net.
Rucksack cover
Spare drybag. (Will be used for barm cakes)
Tent footprint.

Centre Row Right to Left.
Toiletry bag
3 dehydrated meals
Sleeping mat Exped UL7 long.
Pan Evernew 600ml with stove inside, Primus Express spider.
Below pan, Plastic mug and plastic bowl.
Repair kit for tent/bed and other gear and First Aid kit in red drybag.
Breakfasts, tea, coffee. in yellow drybag.
1 x C250 gas.
O1M camp/tent shoes.

Bottom row. Right to Left.
Camera and Case.
Spare clothes. Trousers, top, undies and socks.
Down jacket in Orange drybag
Sleeping bag. PHD Minimus 500  -10 spec with dryshell outer in yellow drybag.
Gloves, Berghaus stretch fleece and Outdoor research waterproof mitts, OR waterproof hat and balaclava in red drybag.
Lunch x3 and chocy bars in container with a bag of mixed nuts and fruit.

All this will be packed into Mammut Creon Light rucksack that has my multi tool and spoon attached.
And i will be taking my GoLite brolley which isn’t in the photo and a map/compass too. Very handy to have a map and compass.

It all adds up doesn’t it. I didn’t think i was taking much until i started to write it down. Yes i have a list.
I hope i don’t think of anything else.

I will do a report on the trip on return.


afootinthehills said...

Enjoy and I hope the weather is kind to you Alan.

AlanR said...

Thanks Gibson,
Weather forecast is one of slight improvement for the next few days.
Rotten day here today. Cold, wet and grey.

-maria- said...

Sounds and looks good, Alan. Hope you have a nice trip.

I had to google "barm cakes" - looks delicious!

Will all this pack into a 45 litre Mammut, or which size of the rucksack will you be carrying? It looks like nice backpack.

AlanR said...

Yes Maria it will all fit into a 45l rucksack with a little space to spare. Also the sack has an extendable lid so you could get another 5L under it.

Barm cakes are basically soft bread rolls. Not particularly
unique but different areas in the UK call them by different names.

I hope the days are not all rainy. Its rained all day today sometimes really heavy.

Geoff Edwards said...

I hope the rain eases off for you, its been pouring all day in Worcestershire today!

Alan Sloman said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it.
Good luck, Sir!

Anonymous said...

Have a good one!

AlanR said...

Its been a shocker Geoff. Cheers.

AlanR said...

I can probably write it now Al. Stuck in tent, listening to Mike singing and rain drumming, Dawn making coffee and bacon butties. No visibility. Whisky supply diminishing fast.

AlanR said...

Thanks Robin. Hope the dogs feeling better.

Martin Rye said...

Have a good trip and say hi to Mike.

AlanR said...

Have a fantastic time Alan, i am gutted i can't go with you but i am really looking forward to hearing all about. Keep safe and enjoy the barm cakes and whisky.

love Sheilaxxx

Andrew W said...

If Knipe has any pies, make sure you get some before he eats them all.
I've not forgotten Peebles Moffat.
Mind you, he did provide beer :)

I look forward to the write up.

AlanR said...

Thanks MArtin.

AlanR said...

He brought the chuck wagon!

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