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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A day in Paradise

 Today (Monday), we got up to poor visibility. We could just make out the other side of the loch, but no hills. We sat on the sun deck. Ha.  Then, as the west looked brighter we decided to go to Applecross. We had never been there before.

 The drive is splendid, and as we passed Fearnmore the sun was shining across the sound of Raasay with Trotternish and the Cuillins silhouetted. Trotternish was clear but the Cuillins were topped with white cloud. It was a good decision to go west as the day was definitely improving rapidly.
 We stopped a while at the viewpoint north of Sand before continuing onto Applecross.

 Rounding Rubha an Guailne the small village houses of Applecross sparkled white, standing out across the blue of the bay. Appplecross was busy with tourists, the car registration plates proving the popularity to the Dutch, German, Austrian and French in particular.
 Kayaking, wind surfing and gorge walking also seems very popular.

 Finding a parking spot was more luck than anything else. But we did find one close to the Applecross Inn. Walking through this pretty place we headed towards Camusteel where we stopped for a coffee before returning.

 I remembered watching Time Team excavate a Broch here and it poured down. What a difference it was then to today. I took the chance to have a look at the campsite and was pleased to find it very pleasant. They even have a cafe/restaurant and a bar on site although it is very near to the Applecross Inn.

 From the campsite we headed uphill, yes that is correct, UP! On a delightful path through recently felled forest and across to Strath Maol Chaluin.
Passing a very old sawmill that reminded me of the one in the Waltons TV programme. Then passed the Adventure school and Applecross House with its extensive parkland and walled garden. A very nice walk that could be done in an hour but we dawdled and gorped, seeing that the day was now so lovely.

 Sheila said she would drive back, if we wanted to stay here for an early evening meal and so that i could do a quality control check on a couple of beers. I must say the Scallops and Langoustine was excellent as was the draught Bealach na Ba cask beer.
 Our table was in the front beer garden and i had to make several challenging walks from the garden to the bar. I managed this task extremely well and regularly. I can now state without any doubt that i could start guided walks at this venue.

 The late afternoon was in full sun and it was looking more like a resort on the Mediterranean rather than the West Highlands. We got chatting to 2 motorcyclists, there lovely machines drawing a crowd and glances from passers bye. They were riding Suzuki Intruder 1800cc and a Honda F6C 1600cc i think.

 When we got back the midges were biting. I applied the only thing i have found to work which is "Goodbye Sandfly", Its not available in the UK and i am pretty sure you cannot buy it over the Internet here either. When i say it works, i mean to a degree. Nothing really stops them. We lit the barby and the wood smoke kept them at bay, allowing us to sit outside and enjoy the long light days.
 An excellent finish to the day considering we had gambled on rain earlier.

The Internet here is not fast and today it will not allow me to post any photographs from my camera smart card. I will try later because the views are well worth seeing.
Update. 3 pics = 2 hours of spinning egg timer.
View NE towards Croic bheinn from Applecross. 
View North to Croic bheinn across Strath Maol Chaluim


Alan Sloman said...

I like your idea of a good guiding job, Al.
A splendid day, then.

AlanR said...

Hi Alan,
I'm not sure my body appreciated it but it was worth all the effort. I might have to do a guide book.

Dawn said...

Qh my, talk about giving a girl itchy feet. Fantastic photos, awesome scenery and a wonderful write up.

AlanR said...

Hi Dawn,
I have some nice pics but I cannot upload them. Even reducing the size of the images makes no difference. I will do an update when back home.

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