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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Support for White box type stoves.

 I recently noticed that Backpacking light UK have started to supply the excellent White Box stove. I really liked the simplicity of this stove and i’m pleased that it is now easier to buy here in the UK rather than have it shipped from the US with all the extra charges incurred.

 It’s a very lightweight alcohol or meths stove made from an aluminium seamless container.
The White box stove in action.

 Many moons ago i managed to get hold of lots of Aluminium beer bottles, i posted about it here, and made quite a few of my own stoves.

 But one of things that any potential buyers of the stove will be thinking is about how to stop it from tipping over in use. The diameter is only around 50mm depending on container and pots can get quite wide and heavy. A recipe for disaster. 

 I for one certainly have my "heart in my mouth" as the saying goes when i use it. I googled a support for it but there’s nothing out there as far as i could tell. So there was only one thing for it and that was to make something. Now the stove is very light, around 30 grams all in with it’s reflective base. So i didn’t want a support which weighed much because that just defeats the object.

 So i made 2 supports. One for soft ground and one for hard ground. These are my first attempts and thought i would pass them on to readers who may also be looking for ideas.
If anyone has better ideas than please feel free to share them.

 So, the soft ground stand. 
Made from 2mm stainless steel. Basically its a loop and eye lasso that is shaped around the stove and the loop is bent at a point which will retain the stove without slipping.

Simple Lasso support
Stove partially located, in soft ground 
Stove fully supported and secure. The lasso is located about a 1/4 of the way up the stove
and in conjunction with the ground prevents the stove from tipping over. My Evernew 600ml pots works just fine with it.
 Fits nicely inside my pot

Weighs in at 7 grams.

The hard ground or bothy support.
 I made this from exactly the same beer bottle as i made the stove but if you buy a stove from BPL instead of making your own then its quite a simple job to make one from any aluminium container of a suitable size. There are many types around which will suffice such as deodarent, water or hair products that use the same type of container.
 I simply cut the bottom off the container then spaced out 3 legs and 3 retaining lugs and making the relevant cuts. Cleaned up all the sharp edges and then carefully bent over the 3 narrow lugs which perform the levelling duties whilst the 3 wide lugs create the stove support.

The hard ground support and stove.

 Stove and stand in situ. 
It does work ok on grass too but it’s not as secure as the lasso on soft ground.

The underside of the stand. 
The 4 holes are there to remove the vacuum effect. 
The complete centre of the base could be removed for the very weight conscious readers if required.

 Both bits fit into my pot.

Weight is 12 grams

This photo above is what i use to extinguish the flame from the stove, a douser in effect. Which saves fuel.

Made from a drinks can and with a handle glued to the top. When packing up, the stove fits neatly inside it.

 So, those are my 2 ideas to support the White Box and any other similar stove construction. Hope you find them useful.


wood burning stoves durham said...

great ingenuity :) that looks like the kind of task where ones fingers get cut :)

I came across your post while researching woodburner stoves, slightly off topic but thought I would post anyway :P

this is for the dedicated camper we just used disposable bbq`s and took bottled drinks. - Yes we are amatuers :)

AlanR said...

There are no sharp edges. Just use a bit of emery cloth to take any burrs off.

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