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Monday, June 24, 2013

Back from Torridon and Applecross

 Back from a lovely area of the UK to normality again. We had a great time, simple as that.
The weather was ok. Could have been better but could have been far worse of course. No complaints.
The bothy we rented for the week was exceptional and could’t have asked for more in comfort,views,walks or the welcome we received from the owners.

 The only issue we had was the internet. There is no phone signal as in many of our rural parts and the internet was a basic package provided by satellite. As long as you only wanted to check/write an email, or do whatever you do on twitter and farcebook then you were ok. If you wanted to blog, add photographs or download anything, then no chance.

 After trying for the first couple of days i gave it up as a bad job. So for my sins i have spent the morning sifting through the dross and picking out approximately 25% of the shots i took. It still amounts to 88 pics but not bad i suppose for what was in fact a 10 day break.
The view from our bothy.

 Well if you have spare time or are just simply bored then please click on the link and check out this lovely area of Scotland.

Link to photo's


Dawn said...

It certainly is a fantastic area. Am looking forward to your next batch of photos.

AlanR said...

Hi Dawn,
I think 88 photographs is enough for anyone to stomach. Thanks for the books btw. I have read the “Cabin at singing river”. Excellent stuff.

Alan Sloman said...

Some glorious pictures in there Alan - really great stuff.
Your "bothy" looked rather luxurious!

AlanR said...

Thanks Alan. The/my camera doesn't do it justice.
Our bothy was even better than the bothy we shared with the Pieman in Dunbar. Mind you it cost a bit more than a donation to the MBA.

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