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Sunday, June 16, 2013

To get our bearings.

 Up with the lark, 6.30am. That's early for me, believe me, but late for Sheila. The window beckoned us to continue viewing across the loch to the high mountains. They were covered in a thin white veil and higher still grey clouds. The sun had not completely risen to us yet but the rays could be seen beyond the ridge in front.
Soon we would be bathed in warm sun and would again bring the midge. Our hosts next door had informed us of a good walk which goes from here across to Ardheslaig which offers great views up Loch Torridon and beyond. Dorothy wasn't up for it but didn't want to stop us from going, and so we did.
Picking up a good path which goes all the way in fact. The views were indeed great with Croic bheinn 493m and Beinn Bhan at 896m rising on our right.
 Our path was delightful and we strolled along completely transfixed with the geology of the area. Glaciation was obvious, even to this amateur with the deep scratch lines and eratics plain to see.
The long since cooled paths of molten rock had us stopping for ages just taking in the environment.
 Then the view opened up and the number of times we just said "wow" was becoming repetitive.

We sat down on a great slab of Toridon sandstone, looks and feels like pink granite and with the aid of the map picked out the tops surrounding our view.

 We didn't go all the way down to Ardheslaig because it would have meant walking all the way back up and we wanted to stay high for the views.
At a good point overlooking Loch Beag we turned and headed over numerous sandstone humps until the trig point came into view.
A' Bhainlir at a huge height of 175m. Nose bleed territory.
A view of Upper Loch Toridon from A'Bhainlir

From the trig point we carried on the tops NW and picked up sheep trod that brought us back down towards Kenmore.
Kenmore fishing village with our accommodation far left.

Between us and the cottage runs a lovely stream with numerous waterfalls. Fortunately with the good weather the stream was tame and gave us no trouble crossing. Just in time for lunch.

Post lunch all 3 of us went on a second short walk down to the harbour just taking photo's.

Today we saw, an Otter! Fab.
And also Great Northern Divers, Buzzard, Siskin, Cuckoo, Bullfinch and our resident Wood mouse.

Last nights visitors were!

Not just one Pine Martin but two. The first time i have seen them.


Louise said...

Otter and pine martins, how utterly fab! I've had brief glimpses of both but nit a reaaly good one like that, so lucky!!

Alan Sloman said...

What a lovely day!
Keep 'em coming, Al!

AlanR said...

Hi Louise,
We are told that they are regular visitors here.

AlanR said...

Hi Alan,
Hope all is well with you. Although we have internet, it's so slow. I am managing to post but not managing to read too much due to the time it takes to load. (No phone signal either).

Even though we did to short strolls, it was a very enjoyable day. Very grey today with no hills visible.

-maria- said...

Lovely views. It seems you have some pets there, too.

AlanR said...

Thanks Maria,
Yes, its like watching nature on the TV.

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