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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Grease proof bags for dehydrated foods.

 First let me say that this is not my idea. I am pinching no ones thunder, but I like it and am sharing it.
And this is where i first came across it. Click

 When we backpack in the UK, some but not all of us carry dehydrated foods. Most buy them, some make their own, but find packing 3 or 4 days worth a bit restrictive due to the bulky packaging and lack of flexibility with the purchased variety. The need for such a bag is because of the re-hydration requiring boiling hot water.
But if you don’t mind pouring the contents into a pan and then using a pan cosy whilst re-hydrating then why not consider decanting the food into a grease proof bag and break up the food so that packing it is far easier.
Dehydrated food will stay fine re-packaged for a few days.

 Apart from a slight weight saving, once used, you can burn the bag and therefore save carrying out your messy empty foil one.

 To seal up the bag i suggest decorators masking tape. This also burns exceptionally well.

The bags are environmentally friendly too.
100% Unbleached paper.
Not chemically treated. Totally chlorine free.

Made from Scandinavian Spruce trees.

They come in a re-cycleable box of 48 bags. I bought mine from the Vit shop here. £2.70.

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