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Sunday, June 16, 2013

They are back! Blighters, or biters maybe.

We were pleased that our recent visit to the Lake District was midge free but as the breeze died away last evening they came back here with a vengeance. We managed to sit out for all of about 2 minutes before they were in your eyes, ears and well, everywhere. The midge nets were deployed as well as the balaclava and gloves. In the end they won and we headed indoors.  The view was just as nice looking through the patio windows. For once i was pleased not to be camping.

The sun deck was now quiet and it brought out our first visitor.
Over to you Louise.

Our little visitor.


Louise said...

Well, a dormouse lives mainly in the south and is the only orange-brown rodent with a furry tail, so together with being on the west coast of Scotland and being sandy coloured with large ears and eyes and having a naked tail, I'd go with a wood mouse ;-) cute though!

AlanR said...

Thanks for that. HAving now googled it, i would agree.

Louise said...

Glad to have helped :-)

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